Time To Exit – Eliezer Rivera

Time To Exit – Eliezer Rivera

September 1, 2018

Yesterday, like around 8 o’clock, I was at work. I was in this room where the lights were off but I was able to see because the TV was on and the door was open. I looked at the clock in the wall and I saw the word Exit right by 12 O’clock. I knew the word Exit was a reflection of the Exit sign opposite from where the clock was. I guess it is normal to see a reflection of an object but what captured my eye was that the word exit which was right by the number 12. and with out thinking I said in a lout voice TIME TO EXIT. I took a picture, I hope you can see it on the top. I know that God communicates with numbers and signs so I thought that God was trying to tell me that is time to exit. I remember a dream that the father gave me where He told me you and your family have to leave before the end of the year 2018. I guess that was just a reminder that soon we will have to exit this earth. I believe destruction is coming very soon to this earth, I have seen it on visions and dreams. Please get close to God, repent and ask God forgiveness. We will need God protection in this last days. May God bless you and keep you save.

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  1. Angel Falcione

    You should take this to God and ask for discernment about this.He might be telling you to move you and your family from your location!

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