Time to Come Forth When I Call – Diana Olivieri

Time to Come Forth When I Call – Diana Olivieri


Word from the Lord August 20, 2018
My dove, hear Me clearly now. The time has come for all things to be made known. It is time My love for you to come forth unto Me when I call. This time is not of that of the past, it is a new time…
Time to show yourselves. Time to become who I have beckoned you to be. Time to prepare. Time to manifest all these things. My love it must be. It is that time now.
Listen among the winds in the breeze for it shall be calling you forth… and I shall enable you to do so. You shall see Me in great glory. Come to Me My dove. It is time now My children for the ways of old to be brought back forth, anew. To begin again. To end the ways of man and begin My way upon this earth, there for all to see.
Listen for My call. It shall not be long now. Shalom My dove.
End of message.

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  1. Lisa Kelly

    Hi Diana. Re the word relating to 8/1 is 7/1…

    Fact (toward end of this video)

    I would like to connect with you, if possible. It was hard to find a way to reach out to you. God is amazing! Lord Bless. Lisa Kelly

  2. Aubrychendora Acacia Leighton

    Dear Sister, I have information. I cannot go public.please contact me, if possible.

    • Lisa Kelly

      Re: Sons of God. I have searched and studied this and did a post. We are in agreement. I have come to understand 144k are the redeemed. The wise virgins. The elect, Lord bless, sister in Christ. Lisa Kelly

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