“Time is very short” – Sue Piccini

Sue Piccini

August 5, 2018

Nahum 1:2

The Lord delights in His people who Love Him and keep His Laws and Statutes, but for those who refuse to hear Him or live daily for Him, His Wrath and Anger are upon them.

“Hear My voice people and know that I Am is the Lord on High. My love for you will never end, but your love for Me has gone and your decision to follow the ways of the Enemy brings with it My anger and My Wrath. Judgment is upon you now, but My Wrath comes and all peoples will parish in their sins.

Listen to My voice now Children for I am coming for My Bride. I know that those who are mine grow increasingly anxious, but I will be there before you know it. Time is very short, for I will be there to Snatch You Away and to get you out of the way of My Wrath upon the Earth. Listen for the blast of the Trump and know that I am there to get you.”

Yeshua is Coming!!!


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