“Time is very short for those who choose to believe in Me” – Sue Piccini

By Sue Piccini
May 20, 2018

“ The Lord Jesus Christ is the Light and the Hope of the World and has been the only Salvation for the peoples of the World for the past two thousand years. I have given the people of the entire World the story and the words of Jesus and what he did for the World over and over and yet people still do not believe. Instead of becoming more aware of the Love of Jesus and drawing close to him, the people have chosen to run away and forsake him more and more each day. Therefore, I am giving the World of unbelievers what they so desire, a World without hope, a World of anger and bitterness, a World without HOPE, JOY, LOVE AND PEACE.

Today My Bride sits in awe and amazement at what the World is going through, but remember My Children, that all things work together for the good for those who have their Faith fully grounded in Me. I will continue to bring Judgment upon the Earth, but soon there will be My full Wrath.

Keep your eyes open, your ears open and your hearts open to My Voice and the things that I am telling you, showing you and preparing you for. Time is very short for those who choose to believe in Me. Keep looking up and you will soon see Me coming.”

Yeshua Your Savior Comes!!!


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