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Time is up, No peace, Alien Invasion

Dec 22, 2019 10:36 PM

Last night I had a dream(12.21.2019), many people follow the teacher(leader) to a place,in the car, I took out the umbrella for everyone and opened it for them, We passed a mountain road and reached our destination (almost no one knows the way).

The teacher told everyone to get off and the teacher received a call at this time,

he told his daughter, “you didn’t pass the exam” (but there’s still a chance)

and he was going to show us something , but there’s a girl nearby who’s telling a joke, she attracts a lot of people, the teacher was angry and accuse her and call everyone comes to here.

Suddenly , we’re in the department store, I see a tornado ahead (I’m scared), I know tornadoes are in the “peace” area, when the tornado is moving towards us, I saw many pigeons and bird cages swept away by the tornado.

When a tornado approaches us (behind a building) , I looked back, A huge clock appears (this clock doesn’t seem to have an hour hand, minute hand, second hand).

The girl accidentally pushed it down and the huge sound immediately drew the aliens hiding on the opposite roof. The moment the huge clock fallen down, he came to us at a rapid speed and he wants to kill us. I am very scared to escape immediately, escape to the opposite building and I look across, I know when I run away, a small ball suddenly appeared in front of the alien, someone threw this ball on the alien’s head and the small ball becomes big ball and the alien is dead, dream end.


1. Teacher (leader) represents “Jesus”

2. Everyone in the car is holding an umbrella, means “we are under the protection of Jesus” , reach the destination.

3. Teacher’s Daughter Represents “Church”.

4. A girl nearby who’s telling a joke, she attracts a lot of people, girls represent “the world”,the chosen people are attracted to the world, the last moment, everyone will return to Jesus.

5. I know tornadoes are in the “peace” area, I saw many pigeons swept away by the tornado, ( dove symbolizes “peace”), Express “no peace”.

6. The huge clock fallen down, means “time is up”.

7. “Alien Invasion”, (It’s night in dreams, not the day)

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