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Time is Short – Anna


Time is Short

November 8, 2021 5:04 AM

Dream November 8, 2021

It is november 8, 2021, Monday at 5:41 am.

I had another dream. This one the air national guard
was having a town hall meeting with the residents of
S. Burlington. I went and sat at the end away from the media coverage. They said they were going to activate the base. they went on saying the procedures… I left.
That was all a cover up. When you activate a base it is
imminent and only done so at the commands of war.

I left there and went to a prayer meeting. Pastor A. was praying, she laid hands
on me and prayed for me. Then I left. I saw the air force land in a commercial
airplane in the middle and come straight down like a helicopter. interesting….
I said hello to some of the old members I remembered.

Then the brass said, “anyone who is prior military”? I said yes I was.
So they wanted me to sign a bunch of papers. I tried but the pen
kept going out and would not let me sign. So they said, “you earned all these
awards and medals in previous service. I said, “how come I was never told these things”?
So they said, “never mind we don’t need your signature just let us give you this on your forehead”.
It was a digital tatoo , a smart mark. I said, “NO i don’t want that” and i got up and walked away.

Then i came across christians in a group. They said how smooth my signature looked as i
was signing papers. I said not really. Then they said, “if anything happens to us please take
care of our kitten”. So i took the kitten in a bag and left. Then i saw the military again in the
community door to door amongst the citizens. They said to me, “we will offer you all this in
this bag if you come join us”, and i said, “no, give it someone else”. I walked away.

1. We are going to war.
2. No longer need our signature to comply just the smart mark.
3. Christains and citizens will be rounded up by our own military to force the smart mark on us
otherwise exterminated.
4. Christians need to gather in HIDDEN PRAYER closets for the power and anointing.
5. This will all be sudden.
6. We are to help and guard the vulnerable.
7. Time is short.

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