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Time is running out

June 4, 2023 3:30 AM

Tuesday, April 18, 2023 at 11:40

(Today, when I was reading Bible and praying, there was a strength in me that had words to rush out, so I stopped and asked Abba Father and the Lord Jesus if they had something to say, and the following is what I heard, I implore you to take it to the Lord in prayer.)

Yes, my daughter, my precious one, write down what I say.

This world will soon be different, prepare yourselves and put your house in order while you still have today, for tomorrow does not belong to you, tomorrow is in the hands of Me, the LORD, your Abba Father who created heaven and earth.

Most of My children are still muddling through their each day, seeking what the Gentiles seek to eat, wear, and drink, but putting aside the true Bread of Life, My beloved Son, Jesus who is the Word came in the flesh, I have given to them, and feeling they are disciples of My Son when they come together once a week.

They sing, but not with their hearts for Me; they praise, but only with their lips, while their hearts were thinking of something that what they are going to do for themselves after it is over.

Foolish children, do you know that your world tomorrow will be completely different from the world you see now? Have you not read My Words when you postponed what you should go and do for My kingdom today, thinking that you have tomorrow, tomorrow and another tomorrow? Your lives are but a vapour that appears for a little time and then vanish away.

Tomorrow you will stand before Me, and give an account for each and every day that I have given you on earth.

I have given you the whole book, the Word of life to read, meditate on and live out every day. But look at yourselves, how many of you are doing this? You put it away and leave it covered with the dust of the ages, but have time to follow teachings that are not in accordance with My Word.

Stand up, stretch out your hands, take down your Bibles, which you have placed on the shelves as ornaments to show yourselves are Christians, dust them off, humble yourselves at My presence, read with your hearts the Words of My Holy Spirit through My prophets and messengers, ponder them, meditate on them, and then put them into action.

My Son, your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the Word, He is the only way by which you can boldly come to My throne of grace.

He has paved a new and living path for you with his body; He bore the sins of each and every one of you in His body on the cross of Calvary, at all times; He cleansed you from every sin you committed against Me with every drop of His blood shed on the cross; He bore the scourging for you in his body, so that you might have been healed of your diseases.

The salvation he has achieved for you, that you might become my sons and daughters; that you might become rich through him who became poor for you; that you might be delivered from the curse of the law through him who was hung on a tree to become a curse for you; that you might receive all the blessings which I gave to Abraham; that you might receive every spiritual blessing in heaven, which I have given to you; that My every promise is “yes” to you.

You can have all of these above, if you are in Jesus Christ.

But you must know that not everyone who calls Me “Lord, Lord” is in Jesus Christ. Consider what I said to them: “I do not know you, you evil doers, depart from Me.

Ask yourselves, do I know you?

O My beloved children, come to Me now, while I can still be found, and come to know Me, that I may know you.

Time is running out, really running out, don’t waste the day I have given you, give Me your day, give Me your life, give Me everything you have, so that I can form you into what I created you to be, help you to live the life you should live as My children, to grow unto the measure of the stature the fullness of My Son Jesus Christ, your Lord and Savior.

I love you, My children, come now, do not delay, remember, you only have today!

Your Abba Father

Shalom and blessings,


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