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Time is of the essence! – Angela García


Time is of the essence!

April 29, 2022 11:33 PM
Angela García

**Words of the Lord**

I AM but one man, one heart, one love for ALL! How Great I AM ♥️ Seek NOW for the kingdom is at hand!

Rcv’d 4/28 Pray for eyes to see…discernment, understanding and revelation (Acts 2:17)

Daughter write my words. Words of the Lord to share. Spread my words to a dying world with eyes but cannot see truth or reality in front of them. I am the only way. Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end of all days. Who do they say I AM my precious daughter that seeks daily with all heart & soul?! Do they know Jesus? Truly KNOW, walk talk and seek daily?! They know me NOT! Truly I tell you if they do not put down all transgressions and follow me how can I know them?! Are they truly born again? Following a new way of living?! They love this world that has nothing to offer but pain and misery! A minute on their lips for a lifetime of their soul. I tell you children seek now the kingdom! Time is of the essence! I AM not a man that should lie. I send my prophets to deliver these messages and are they received?! Truly I tell you if you listen not to my prophets you listen not to the Father! I chasen and chastise my very own! Are you my own?! I seek and call my own! Will you listen and believe?! Open your heart to truth! As I say the truth will set you free! I AM the only way, truth and Life to the Father! The Father of all creations and heaven and earth. There is but ONE GOD! There is but ONLY one way! I AM the WAY Jesus, Messiah, The Great I AM how Great I AM

The lover of your soul ♥️


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Genesis 1:1-3


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