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  1. McKana

    Read as-There was flood, No repentance(not there was food, no repentance)

    Thank you

  2. KarenO

    I agree, Brother McKana

    It is all about “me,me, me…” The repentance should be for our collective lack of concern for our land & neighbor.

    We are asked to honor God first, then our neighbor as ourselves. Matt. 22:38-40
    We’re honoring US first, OUR opinions, OUR business, OUR consumerism…:

    California’s air quality was the cleanest it had been in decades due to “stay at home” orders!

    For years they’ve been led to believe that there is nothing they can do, it’s part of “everyone else’s fault.”

    Your “plastic waste” is a drop in the bucket of what’s destroying the planet, so, “why bother?”

    Your “global warming” resulting from your consumption activities (farmers are using heavy machinery, people drive in a single vehicle to go shopping) is resulting in unprecedented floods and weather appearing where it usually does not…but whatever little you are doing is just a drop in the huge bucket & doesn’t matter, so “why bother?”

    The pandemic didn’t affect me, so “why bother” with masks & distancing?

    Because we must first recognize our selfishness, then repent. (We are the ones called by His Name.) God doesn’t lay the blame on anyone except those who SHOULD know better. Not one of us made it to adulthood without standing on someone’s shoulder. How easily we point fingers instead of offering our OWN shoulder & prayers for their well being!
    2 Chronicles 7:14

    Thank you for the chance to read, Pray & repent. <3 Blessings!

  3. McKana

    Thank you Dear sister KarenO, as always.
    We have to be the keepers of family, friends, relatives and the world at large.
    You never know the value of one person.
    The 12 deciples brought us here. We are millions for the world.

    Blessings to all

  4. Christian Robert

    Thank you brother McKana! This summary of all the events that have been shown to you is fantastic. Indeed, I have given up trying to figure out the sequence of events. It really does not matter since all of the judgments are devastating. We just need to focus on walking with a pure heart and in obedience, to trust in Him and to keep blowing the trumpet. Thank you again.

  5. Daniel Noah

    Karen O : To whom are speaking ?… “Global Warming”? Global Warming is a lie from those who are owned by The Bohemian Grove crowd. The major goal of the ‘elite, is’de-industrialize the planet…place everyone in a room/ box in the cities.
    while the 1% enjoy the countryside, without having to see the unwashed masses.
    The people(indifferent) who need to hear this comment will never see your words…and if they did, they would just laugh in your face. Your assertions are directed at whom? Your bordering on a ‘collective’ madness!
    California’s problem is from demonic strongholds…that they(unsaved)love and absolutely will not repent…which is why judgment is unfolding.
    Wind turbines, are KILLING A MILLION BIRDS A YEAR! Solar(Not enough BTU’s) is a joke, as it needs to be subsidized and the panels are a toxic nightmare! Can we bury them on or near your property?
    California’s air? The issue is China, firing up a new dirty coal fired plant every month…no filters no restrictions. The coal dust comes across the Pacific, dumping all that smog and dust on California.
    The Tribulation is about to unfold, and your occupied with this nonsense of we are all guilty of someone else’s decision of greed based chaos. And your talking about plastics?

    The Powers That Be appointed ‘experts’ to rig the computer models, jigger the numbers …LIE! Put out the disinformation campaign to make people believe the lie of ‘Global Warming” and or ‘Climate Change.

    One of the founding members of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, PhD., spoke before; The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Subcommittee on Oversight Feb 25th 2014 “Natural Resource Adaptation: Protecting ecosystems and economies” This founding member of Greenpeace, left Greenpeace, when they turned away from science…invented numbers to press ‘Global Warming and Climate Change. Wake up Karen this is not Kansas. About 40 million people are out of work: Can’t pay their mortgage, feed their children, and your trying to hit them with corporate guilt of the world?

    The whole arena is a complicated 3D chess board, as to why we are in this position. Go protest the various supreme court decisions, over the decades…Karen, get back in the game. Souls- souls-souls… USA/Titanic,is taking on copious amounts of water…Babylon/ Revelation 18 is about to be destroyed.

    You will win NO ONE to Christ with this unhinged jibberish. Are you actually stopping people on the street and lecturing them in this manner? Or are you just are addressing ‘us’ the inferior Christians, who frequent 444? We, the unwashed masses who don’t have your insight? You repent of this nonsensical retort., that wins no one to the Lord.,This straw man approach
    is fruitless. The only reason i replied, was so that you do not think to move out in this direction, thinking that this will win them to Christ. Daniel IHS

  6. KarenO

    Brother Daniel,

    It saddens me that my response to Brother McKana upset you so much.

    But, all His instruction is worthy, & you’ve enlightened me to some other things I’ve noticed, so thank you.

    Our Lord uses all kinds of people & interests to reach out, because He did with me. Should I refuse to offer a prayer because it might not resonate with everyone?

    Should you refuse to offer a revealing dream or word because It might not resonate with me?

    The very reason His Word is so timeless is that we see the Word differently according to our journey through life. We can read a chapter today & parts of it mean nothing. The next day, month or year, we may read it again with new experiences & wisdom to inform our understanding of why God breathed those words! (I have – many times)

    When our Lord spoke to the woman at the well, she was confrontational, & ready to argue with Him about His witness to her.

    Jesus saith unto her, “Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father.” John 4:21

    When I put “global warming” in quotes, I did so for the very reason that the term “global warming” makes caring insurmountable for most.

    If someone realizes that they are given the Lord’s guidance, they may well TURN to Him for guidance. If one person realizes the WISDOM we received in the pandemic, they may truly turn to Him in repentance and truly DO BETTER on a personal level.

    I bother because ONE person may relate to it. ONE is all He asks of me…and you. (Matthew 25:45)

    God doesn’t expect us to do it all. He DOES expect us to do what we can, with His help… KNOWING that He is able to take our meager contributions & make them huge.
    Please forgive me for angering you.

  7. McKana

    Thank you all.
    May the peace of the Lord, His grace, wisdom and mercy be with us all.

    Di you remember the girl who disappear just before 9/11?
    All the media was focused on her, her relationship with one congressman. I think she was an intern in his office.
    After 9/11, there was no word about her. The focus was on the events of 9/11.
    In a short while, the concerns, the topics of today and of earthly matters will die and every one will be running for dear life.

    Let us all focus, set and rest our eyes on Jesus, that is what matters, the rest is going to be like the story of the girl who disappeared.

    Since the changes coming are so big, global and irreversible, there will come a time when the whole world is going to say “What was it like before all this happened?”

    God bless you all.

  8. KarenO

    Hugs! Great response! Blessings back to you, Brother McKana.

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