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TIMBER !!! – Victoria Ang


April 28, 2020
Victoria Ang


I have been fasting again and in much prayer feeling a great burden for lost souls. While praying in the spirit during chores ,I received a vision. I was not thinking of anything specific when I received the vision.

I saw a LARGE pyramid . Sitting alone on barren land. On top of this pyramid is a very heavy weight .Balancing on the very tip top of the pyramid. As I am watching this vision I see a GREAT WIND start to rock this weight on the pyramid and it starts rocking back and forth very hard. As this weight is ALREADY of the very edge of this pyramid.About to fall And I hear very loudly “TIMBER”!!!


The land has been weighed in the balances. People continue to worship idols and false gods. Instead of Jesus Christ. A GREAT SHAKING by the HOLY SPIRIT is about to take place on the land. Much destruction and devastation will occur.
NO FEAR as we put our FAITH AND TRUST IN GOD! He is in CONTROL! 💕


I went to my bank today and there is a sign on the door that says temporarily closed. I checked online to see if it would be open tomorrow. It shows closed the WHOLE WEEK. ….. and it shows the same for the next closest bank 15 miles away. The ATM is open ONLY! Bank of America

Just sharing for updates. I went to the bank again today. And of course it’s still closed and ONLY the ATM is working. No drive up window or lobby transactions. BUT NOW there is an armed guard at the front door! He was NOT there yesterday!


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