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Throwing this over the wall…

On September 7, 1984 the Lord showed me a preview of “then shall they see the Son of man coming IN a cloud with power and great glory.” Being a Spirit-filled Christian, I thought I would be prepared to see him. In all truth I was shocked beyond measure for several reasons:

1) He showed himself as a HUGE, light grey cloud on a background of a dense, black cloud. He was/is a head detached from his body (us).

2) To say he was not handsome is an understatement. Isaiah 53 says, “and when we shall see him there is NO beauty that we should desire him.” The same chapter reminds us he came to be rejected, otherwise the Gentiles would not have been included in on salvation. Matthew 22: 1- 13 is the parable of the wedding feast where Christians make excuse to not attend. We look upon them as fools, saying, “Who would refuse the rapture?” The parable fails to mention the Son of the king was ugly. We must overcome our preconceived notion as to what Jesus will look like when he appears to take us away. The picture we have was commissioned by a Pope and the model was his homosexual son.

3) I was expecting a joyous groom to appear; but instead I saw an angry God of creation coming to dispense judgement on the unrepentant, his eyes flaming fire, the beams raking the ground and causing destruction everywhere they touched. “Hide us from the face!” will be screamed by millions as they uselessly scramble for caves to hide in.
Psalms is an end days calendar. Jesus appeared to me 9/84. Read Psalms 84: 9, “Behold Oh God, our shield, and look upon the face of thine anointed.”
JFK was assassinated 11/63. Go to Psalms 63: 11 and read the following 10 verses.
9/11 terrorist attack was 9/01. Go to Psalms 101: 9 and you will find it missing as it only has 8 verses. The following chapter (102: 1- 11) contain the attack. The Indian Ocean tsunami was in 2004. Read Psalms 104: 5- 9.
This year (2018) is Psalms 118 which appears to be forming on the horizon; (Israel says), “All nations compass me about, but in the name of the Lord I will destroy them.” (repeated 4 times=4 attacks).
They suffer loss on the first attack. Then they call upon the right hand of the Lord (Jesus) and he wins the next 3 attacks. They call him by saying, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”
Psalms 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible; (time flys when you’re having a good time? Well it drags when your having the worst time mankind has ever known). Chapter 119 contains the 22 letter Hebrew alphabet, all of which have alternate meanings:
Aleph” means “to teach a lesson but not in a good way.”
Beth” means, “Temple” (construction starts and gets built?)
Gimel” means, “Man in motion through the desert.” (Israel given the wings of an eagle to escape to the wilderness fore 3 1/2 years?)
Daleth” means, “4 corners of the earth, an open doorway, a new foundation for a new life.” (RAPTURE)
Still 18 letters of the alphabet left for those who didn’t go in the rapture. Each letter = 8 weeks or 2 months. Read Psalms 122- 125 for order of events after tribulation.

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