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Three Visits Of Revivals On USA – Daniel Masika

Three Visits Of Revivals On USA

August 7, 2021 7:46 AM
Daniel Masika

Good Morning Family
On 2013 Morning ,The Lord of Glory Spoke to me in an Open Vision about USA it was Early in the Morning about 1am, He said several Things about Coming three Revivals and American liken to a little girl Virgin who has swallowed what God has not prepared and she Must Vomit it, Please watch the small Video it will explain More

Much Love

Auto Generated Transcript

praise the lord good morning may you be
this wonderful day may the lord remember
and bless you i want to share with you
vision i received on 2013.
um it was on decimal but before we go
into deep into that i would like to
read a scripture and uh
after that after sharing with you the
we will pray the book of
habakkuk chapter 3 in verse 2
the bible says oh lord i have heard
speech and i was afraid lord
revive your work in the middle of years
of the year
in the midst of the years make none
in a rum remember mercy
habakkuk is prayer
you say that we have heard of your
speech we have
heard of your action we have a heart of
your great
deeds and his prayer was revive
your work in the midst of the year
in the midst of the year make known
remember mercy we have heard these grave
and sometimes when we pray
the lord has something better in store
i want to share with you about
what the lord shared with me in 2013
we were i was in hours in fasting for
three days and um
i was praying for a revival crusade
it’s an open open-air meeting so that
the lord will bring in
many people that he will
work through me in that village
so that we may have a lot of people
that will accept and repent and turn to
the lord
it was in the middle of the night before
the meeting began
this was december 2013
um on 11th so
when we were when i was praying with my
in the night the lord
did something to me
i woke up i felt on my bed
like somebody was touching on my chest
and when he touched me on my chest and i
opened my eyes
i stood up but i didn’t see
nobody it was about 1 00
a.m in the morning and then when i stood
i felt i needed to drink water
on my steps moving there was
there was power that
made my feet to stagger
i could not move i fell down
my wife could not see what was happening
be in in that point
i was i was taken like like being
i i felt the move
and i was lifted up in a broad
street on the street in washington
i stood in the middle of a town
in a state of um washington
then uh when i was still looking
left and right what is happening
um i saw a horseman he was sitting on a
on a horse
the horse collar was peeled you know he
fire in his hand he had
he had a fire stick in his hand
like a lamb then um on the street spot
left and right they were this
they were the lamps like you can call a
on the left on the right of the road
and but these lights went off sometime
then this person was moving
very fast on the horse but on the left
on the right
each place he passed by the the cantals
touched fire both sides and
he went far like every place he
went the candle sequoia catching fire
and then he disappeared
and i was still in the middle
of the town in the street
the finger of a person
wrought on the ground number three
and the voice said to me dania
do you see the number and i said i see
the number
and he said i’m going to visit this
nation three times
and on three times i’m going to shake it
everything that is going to be shaken
must be shaken
and there’s going to come a visitation
like a wave of the sea and it will
while he was talking like that
a little beautiful girl appeared
and a voice said to me the same state
where we were standing he said to me
that the girl
what do you see in that god and i said
the god is very beautiful girl
she’s she she looks like a messenger
and he told me you seen it right but he
said to me
this girl you see is the united states
of america
but he is past she’s been a great
when when he was talking the girl began
to vomit
really vomited and when he was vomiting
the lord said i am going to
separate what she has
swallowed up but it is not
mine but she will she will
vomit everything that she has swollen
and in the multitude of friends
she she she swallowed up things that
she should not have swollen up swollen
swollen them up and now she’s going to
vomit them
when i do the visit the three times
i am going to visit and
in the process the girl was vomiting
very heavily and then
and in the process while she was
a process began
he commanded the person that was
while he said to her he said a dress
dresser into the clean
clean dress clean cloth
my own clean cloth that’s why he said
and this girl was dressed in clean cloth
after the vomit were wiped away
even from her own mouth and she was
and the lord told me this he said we
were still standing in washington
what i saw was washington it was i had
understanding we are standing in
washington and he said that i am going
to visit this
nation three times that that wasn’t not
prepared by the lord
he’s going to vomit it and the lord said
i’m going to visit the united states and
he said to me clearly
i will have mercy he said
i will have mercy he said in the middle
of the year i will have mercy and that
is why
i began by reading the book of habakkuk
chapter 3. can we pray
father in the mighty name of jesus
praying for all the nation beginning
from the united states
the lord you’re gonna cause your revival
that people will see your glory
like never before even the viewer
that’s watching this video the power of
the power of yahuwah will touch your
life like never before
but there will be an outback of god’s
that there would be anointing like never
but there will be a revival from the
course to cause
eastern calls and nothing causing every
that there will be a mighty visitation
in jesus name
and i’m praying that the whole nation in
the world
will catch fire but there will be
the time of shaking from the lord that
there would be a transformation
and a revival takes place that people
will repent
and turn back to the law but the holy
will feel every nation that every
will catch fire for the lord lord i pray
the blood of the lamb to cleanse
make pure in every place in jesus name
our brain believe amen

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