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Three Visions for America – Ed W.

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Three Visions for America

August 15, 2020 8:32 AM
Ed W.

The Lord has given three visions the morning of Aug 15, 2020. Each has its own interpretation of what is to befall America for her unrepentant attitudes and sin.

Vision 1: Tree bark slipping

I see the bark of a large tree, and bark is slipping off the tree and going to the ground. It is like the tree bark in melting off a large oak tree, and the tree is sad.

Interpretation – America is the large oak tree, and will soon be exposed and naked, even though she is a tree still standing, but no covering for her sin. She will be made naked before the world and cast down. Her covering has been her material wealth, made so by the trade around the world. She has stood tall and proud, and now will be stripped bare.

Can an oak tree move from where it has been planted? No, it must stand where it is, majestic or naked and exposed. A once proud nation has no covering for her sin. I am the One Who will do this.

Vision 2: Black streak along Mississippi River

I saw a black streak along the eastern bank of the Mississippi River and possible even in the water. It started above St. Louis and went down past Memphis. As I was looking at the black streak, church bells began to toll.

Interpretation – The black streak represents a massive earthquake in mid-America, and cities will be destroyed. The church bells will be tolling for the loss of life and entire community economies destroyed. For years, the Lord has held this back, but there is no repentance from sin-loving America. People are sinning day and night, without let up.

Vision 3: Simultaneous Events

I saw explosions that will be set to go off at the same time in America, in various locations, east, west and middle.

Interpretation – These “same-time” events will signal an increase in the revolution to bring America down. The attacks will be larger than before with loss of life and/or property.


The Christian responsibility is to pray against such things, but we know the Lord is ready to pass judgment where judgment is due. It is past due. We can plead for mercy in the midst of judgment.


Ed W.

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  1. Thomas Heward

    A 1/2 Truth concerning the naked tree. I am a full-time prophet to America and from 1979-2005 I had vision after vision and dream after dream of The Wrath of God coming on America.

    Than in 2006 God gave me and continues to give me visions and dreams and rhema from His Word of A National Revival for America.

    So depending on God’s ability to fulfill that which He Promises I’ll stick with A Solid Oak Tree with Impenetrable Bark, Green Leaves and Branches and A Trunk 5′ in Diameter with its Roots Planted in The Water of Life – Jesus Christ.

  2. Birdee

    Thank you for sharing Ed W. these visions are clear and easy to understand. My spirit agrees with your interpretations, especially about praying for mercy in the midst of judgment, which the LORD has given us so much time to repent, but overall most have not repented and see no need to. I once heard a quote…the LORD will use the least severe means to reach the most people at the deepest level of love. Even in Revelation through the judgements even though they do increase in severity, some do come to Him!!! There is hope in that. May all who read and post here have ample Oil in their lamps. 1 John 2:27-29 We who have been covered, cleansed, and forgiven by the blood of Christ and have Oil in our lamps will not be ashamed at His coming. Amen!

  3. Eyes Open

    Brother Thomas,
    Did the Lord show you WHAT would trigger the great national revival in America? Nothing has yet.
    Could it be that it will take great judgements coming down upon her that will break America completely …..and she will fall to her knees finally in repentance? Moreso than she did after 9/11 …..And God will save as many souls that do because of His great mercies even in her judgement ? We should all be seeking the face of God for the lost to be saved during this time we have before things worsen and many lives are suddenly gone into eternity to hell. God help us to pray for souls to be saved.

  4. I had a vision of tree bark too!! And same interpretation for the tree bark.

  5. When the New Madrid fault quake hit back in 1811-12 the church bells rang in Montreal and Boston and probably in many other towns. The bark falling off the tree could be the massive betrayal of our military standing down when the Russians and Chinese invade as seen by others including the Carpool Gospel man from GB.

  6. Cheryl

    I tried leaving a comment but my phone froze. So I’ll try again ~ I agree with your Visions whole heartedly. Yahovah has graciously given me Visions,dreams and Words over the past decade. One particular vision is about a time of GREAT civil unrest in America, starting mostly in the east and then as it makes its way westward, something happens by YAHOVAHs mighty hand ~ a natural disaster or possibly more than one that turns the unrest from hate motivated to survival motivated.
    I’ve also had dreams of thick grey/ black clouds covering the land.
    I received a long Word during prayer backbone on January 12 2019 that I’ve shared recently. I’ve held back certain details because I don’t have a peace about sharing it all yet. But what I have shared, I felt a prompting by the Holy Spirit and can urgency. Things are ramping up everywhere and I feel the Joel 2 Army is about to be called out but first a few things must happen to help prepare the hearts for repentance in those who will heed the warnings and judgements Yahushuas Army brings about. For we know judgment’ BEGINS in the house of God. My YouTube channel is Faith Token if you care to check out the dreams, visions and Words. Blessings to you and your family 🙏

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