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Three prophetic visions – Victoria Ang

Three prophetic visions

April 14, 2020
Victoria Ang

Three prophetic visions:

The first vision I received was early yesterday morning. In the vision I saw a very thick dark blanket about to cover the entire earth……


My TV has been out for the past 5 days only coming on sporadically. For a brief moment I saw ex president O’s face flash on the set but his face morphed into a snakes head that raised up to strike.

Third vision this morning :

I saw a map of the USA I saw winds started to cover the land. I saw a tornado start to form in the very center of the USA .And as it spun it developed more tornadoes that broke off and flew in every direction within the USA. Some were larger than others going in every direction .

Interpretation :

First vision : Grave darkness is soon to cover the earth. This will be both physical and spiritual

Second : The Antichrist is rising and ready to strike

Third: Much chaos and devastation will soon fall on the land of USA. This will come in various forms. Affecting some states more than others.

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