Three Part Message – Only a Grain of Sand


Three Part Message:

1. Sun Surge & Techno Warning
2. Warrior Rally Call!
3. The Call Of The Father

August 19, 2019
Only A Grain Of Sand


1. Sun Surge & Techno Warning

The sun will sharpen its rays to a point, they will cause you children of Adam & Eve pain. The animals will run and hide in the shade. Protect your children’s skin and eyes. Prepare now for this coming event. Your skin will burn causing a needle-like sensation. Pray the Blood of Jesus on your family, animals, both pets and livestock, for it will come on a sudden, and be virulent in its intensity. All My rebellious children will suffer, but I will protect My own and their animals, from harm.

This event will last for three days, and the night time will give you the only relief. If possible, stay inside and pray. Once it starts be aware of its duration, danger and respond immediately, to the crisis. Those that ignore this admonition will regret their incredulous response.

I AM does not wish to harm anyone of My children, but your stiff-necked generation has descended to a level as those before The Flood, who lived a depraved madness like you, calling it ‘Progress’.

Like you they enjoyed so-called technological marvels, whispered to their tickling ears, by the fallen ones. These are satan’s trinkets, built on sand & glass, chips that are embedded with the evil one’s mark, and like sand & glass will be dissolved, by My Holy Spirit Fire, very soon.

Do Not Put Your Trust In These Diabolical Baubles, Nor Believe The Lies And Delusion Of The Fallen Ones Or Their Evil Elite Slaves, Who Rule Your World, For I AM Will Sweep Them All Away With One Breath!

2. Warrior Rally Call!

I AM sending you forth, now, to battle the evil ones. Arm yourselves by the spoken words of My Warrior Prayers, My Songs and wear My Armor at all times. Take up the challenge, for your victory is already won! Fear is not from God! Are you tired, worn out, feeling old. I AM will give you the strength to persevere, and overcome the enemy. Exercise your Faith Now! Come Forward! Be Strong In The Lord! Carry the day & rest in the night, protected in My Arms, My Pinions of Everlasting Peace, Joy, Love & Grace. Amen.

3. The Call Of The Father

I AM will call all My own to me soon. They will respond as true children do, immediately, to their Father Who Art In Heaven. They will be changed in a twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet sound. The dead shall be raised, and all will meet in the heavenlies To their eternal joy, peace, and life. But the reprobate, liars, thieves, fornicators, and idolaters will go to their eternal place, in the fires that are never quenched.

Consider well, ponder your choice now, for the gate is closing, the time is short, and the world is worn out and destined for fire, and then the renewal of all that is, will come, down from heaven, the New Jerusalem.

But first, the mountains will melt like wax, the sea will rage and inundate the land; will shake and split open to reveal all the blood you have spilled in war, abortion, murder, and death will be swallowed up.

Choose well, Choose Me, I AM Loves you, created you and wants you to spend eternity with me. You will never regret your decision for the call of The Father is Now!


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  1. Emanuela

    Hello, dear sister. I am only guessing that when you are speaking of technology you are referring to our iPhones. The Lord brought to my attention , a few years ago, that the iPhone’s logo is an apple with a bite on it. When I started researching : commercials of the first apple computers, I found an astounding discovery. The first apple commercial was Adam and Eve in the garden and Adam’s private parts were covered by one of their computers. Moreover, the first apple computer, sold for the whopping amount of….you guessed it! $666.66!!! Could it be any more obvious?
    Yet, I find myself owning one as well and my older girls do too.
    Does God want us to get rid of them? That would be very hard now that they are older. Do you have any suggestions?
    God Bless you,

  2. Dana

    I don’t believe you need to get rid of your phones. The technology is innocent. It is the evil websites and people that abuse technology who are evil. I use my PC to connect with family and friends, shop, research, etc. Technology can be good or bad; it is how we choose to use it.

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