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Three Part Message – Anonymous

Three Part Message

1.Woe To America!
2. My Son Holds the Key in His Hand to Open Heavens Gate
3. O Israel
2019/10/04 at 9:53 PM

After spending time in prayer and in the Holy Word, the Holy Spirit gave me

these words. As a watchman, it is most important to be watching for the return
of Jesus. Yet we need to be about our Fathers business being salt and light
spreading the message of the Gospel, our salvation Jesus Christ. Blessings, Love and

Woe To America!


Woe! Woe! Woe to America! You have a nation of rotting souls. You lay in waste of sin and corruption. I blessed you from the beginning giving you much, yet you return it to me in sin. My reckoning will soon prove that I am God Almighty and will have no other gods before me. Your judgements are many, you have lost my light Jesus. My Holy Land Israel must never be divided! You will pay the highest in total devastation loosing all that I gave you. You are an angry, selfish and pitiful land.

Only those found in Jesus will have everlasting life of eternal rewards of mine.

Matthew 13:37-52
Matthew 16:24-28
Matthew 24:36-39
Romans 10 :9

My Son Holds the Key in His Hand to Open Heavens Gate


Your traders and ports will be no more. Arrogence, pride, greed and hate will be consumed by my fire. Days are few, hours trickle to seconds left.

The princes, kings and leaders ready the new system of the world. I have set myself in time, with my son the King of Kings coming with a sword. You have chosen to bow before all other false gods. Your reign will be cut off forever as the son of perdition rises with authority of this earth.

My heart is broken of the amount of sin and disobedience in all nations. I have to search far and wide to find my precious faithful who love and honor me. Yours will be everything within my Kingdom. The Great Wedding awaits. My son, holds the key in his hand to open Heavens Gate. Be ready, be prepared for the final moments of judgements, as all the earth will witness. In a twinkling of and eye you will fly home children. Jesus and the angels await with great joy for your arrival.

Look to the East as war and the peace treaty of lies commence.

Stay close in prayer and my Holy Word. Share salvation of my son until he comes.

I am with you until the end. The Rock of Ages, The Great I am, Jesus your King Coming!

Revelation 12
1 Thessalonians 4:16-18
1 Corinthians 15:42-56


O Israel


Harken to me O Israel!

Your enemies lie in wait to slaughter you and your children.

They will attack and the wailing will endure.

Give your hearts to me, my chosen ones. I will grant all blessings

from salvation to safety.

You must look beyond the Law. I sent my son, he already came, you

do not understand.

As the sky breaks forth into glory of his appearing you will awaken!

O Israel now is your hour. The cup of trembling begins.

Isaiah 53
John 3: 16
Romans 10:9
Ezekiel 38
Ezekiel 39


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