Three Messages in One – Only a Grain of Sand

Three In One: Messages From God The Father

Sep 8, 2019, 7:41 AM
Only A Grain Of Sand

September 7, 2019

1. The Elements

I AM not a destroyer, but, the Creator of the Universe. You human beings have taken your planet to the brink of destruction. By your sins (commission & omission), and wicked intentions, chaos and destruction have been released. The earth can only absorb so much blood, murder, hate, and the rest of the seven deadly sins, before it must vomit these abominations, from itself.

You have succumbed to the wiles of the evil one, attracting his dark death star, and the meteors that have, and will continue to, inundate your skies. They do not fall randomly, but are attracted, to certain locations, like magnets, to iron.

The waters were calm before Adam & Eve, fell for the snake kings tricks. After they started to be agitated, when they sinned. Now the oceans will rage to a point of paroxysm, that terminates all sea travel, trade and recreation. Because you yourselves have pushed the waves to these wild heights, by your own actions, thoughts, looks, intentions, words, gestures, emotions.

But you say how can this be?

I AM never wished to punish you or kill, My own children. Your wild, evil, crazy lives, have pushed the elements to the point of explosion, implosion, obliteration, disintegration, and termination.

So Be It!

I AM watching all you human beings, with an eye, that clearly see, down to the cellular level. Be careful, the game is over, the concert is canceled, the time is up, the fun is finished, the vacation has ended, the day is done. The hammer will strike the anvil, and you will be forged, formed for eternity!

A Note On The Meteors/Water From OAGOS:
You must pray covering with the Blood Of Jesus the land you are on, the air above, the ground below, now, and every day, for protection. If you are to move, pray to the Holy Spirit, and obey immediately.

2. Origins

I AM your Father, you were created long ago, all at the same time. You resided in Me initially. Then you came to the earth, and were born. In your child-like innocence, you were still, so close to me. There was still an echo of memory, in you from across the veil, at that infantile stage, of your lives.

Then you grew up, in the world, and many, of you forgot your origins, chasing after the world, the flesh, and the devil. As if this earth is the only reality. The lies of the evil one, are all the same. Regurgitated for each new generation, from Adam & Eve onwards. They are just repackaged, renamed. But they are all the same old lies, and have been rehashed, taking millions to hell, forever.

This generation thinks that they are different, from all previous ones. I AM tells you, this is another lie, you have swallowed. Like the fish, on the hook. You snapped at it, but it has snared you on a line, to be reeled into an eternal death. Without light, love, peace, rest respite or end.

So now which is it? Will you repent, humble yourself, live in faith (no matter what comes your way), and return to your Father? Or will you end up in the lake of fire, forever? You Choose?

3. Tomorrow

In My Will or yours? You are given today only. Tomorrow may not be yours, on this earth. I AM may call you home today, or tonight in your sleep. Are you ready, for your particular judgment? Many of you presume that tomorrow will last for many, many years … forever.

For the young, death is a far-off continent. They are living, without a thought, for any end of the story. Their own plans, dreams, hopes and labors. For the old of this generation, especially in the west, enjoying, activities, pleasures, vacations, investments, retirement plans, totally consume their every moment. These are all shadows on a wall, flickering, fading, in the dappled sunlight, through a rose colored window pane. Poof and it is gone. Tomorrow?

A few thoughts to consider. Do not hold onto the past, it is dead. Let go now! Tomorrow is in I AM’s Hands, not yours! Today is all you have, use it well! You will be judged, on Love alone, forget the rest! Possessions, money, position, is like smoke dissipating. I AM at the door knocking, waiting for you. You are reading this, hearing this maybe for the last time!



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