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Three Flash Visions – Hannah Silver


Three Flash Visions

August 27, 2020 2:47 PM
Hannah Silver

Today (Aug 27) as I was praying I had 3 flash visions.

Vision 1
A saw a large city skyline including one skyscraper that looked just like the Empire State Building. A huge mass of black smoke or darkness was moving in from the right, covering the city.

Vision 2
Another large, American city. People were panicked, screaming, and running every which way for safety. As I looked up, I saw a massive bear on all fours, taller than the skyline, angrily wading through the city and swatting the buildings down with its paws.

Vision 3
This was the most chilling vision. Barack Obama was standing, putting on a new, bright-red shirt that had been given to him. It looked like a football jersey. As he pulled it down over his body he sat down with a relaxed, comfortable smile. In bold white lettering that took up the entire front of the shirt it read, “I AM”.

Hannah Silver

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