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Three Days of Darkness: What To Expect – Tim Foster

Three Days of Darkness: What To Expect – Tim Foster

Published on Apr 19, 2019

Three Days of Darkness Summary - Overview
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  1. trumpet of the Lord

    Very true. But I believe the outer darkness is not 3 days but much longer!

    The 3days makes the distinction. Who have not oil then… (Meaning only the Holy Spirit, Jesus the very number ONE in your life)

    The foolish virgins that gonna awake now too, have the chance to buy oil.
    When you do not and you still lukewarm then. Then Father puts you in outer darkness. Jesus warns a lot for that!
    See also 1 Cor.3:12-15

  2. Cindy

    Thank you!!

  3. John Ashcraft

    The Day of the Lord is a day of darkness and distress, (Zeph 1:14-16; Rev 6:12-17; Rev 8-9; Rev 16) but within that darkness is 3 days of darkness at the beginning (Rev6:12-17; Revelation 8:5).

  4. jacksonville

    Thx, Tim…for such summary written as well as a bit of audio. Like to encourage you, soon, audio wise. not to hesitate to be more details because many people are vision impart…audios are good!

  5. Chijioke Alozie

    The foolish virgins did not have EXTRA OIL. Is Extra Oil Holy Spirit?

    1. As we read in context, the foolish virgins begged the wise ones to give them some.
    Can we give the Holy Spirit to another believer? Anwser is NO! Though foolish, the beggars knew what they wanted.

    2. The wise ones told the foolish ones to go to them that sell and buy for themselves? Can the Holy Spirit be sold on the open market? Again the answer is NO! The wise ones knew what the foolish ones where asking for so they directed them to where they can get it – to the mall or supermarket. These are those that sell.

    So what is it that both the wise and the foolish understand that they desperately need to survive the midnight hour? Simple, NECESSITIES or MATERIALS that are sold in the open market.

    The wise knew that without these NECESSITIES they would handicapped, so the took with them EXTRA( Additional) OIL as scripture puts it. Is it not WONDERFUL how we neglect scriptural explanation and force our own meaning.

    The difference between the WISE and the FOOLISH is their preparation to whether the times of the midnight hour. We have been warned to stock up and yet some of us choose to ignore this advise and warning.

    In Lagos, Nigeria we have received alarming dreams, visions and trances about how our world would change overnight. There will be no water, no food at all and there will be killings and butchering’s on the streets. Society will be severely tested for want of yesterdays pleasures.

    The foolish virgins by then will definitely RUN OUT and go begging. Remember the wise ones said “what we have is not enough?” Again if it is the Holy Spirit, why should the wise give such an answer?


  6. Len Hummel

    There is surely “outer darkness” for the wicked, … and very possible THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS just before a great harvest in the earth. ONLY GOD KNOWS, AND ONLY GOD KNOWS THE EXACT TIMING. I don’t think anyone can say with certainty WHEN this might occur. Some say there will be an unusual thunder & lightning storm in advance of this, a great earthquake, and also aurora bornealis colors in the sky worldwide. I am just saying it is something to PRAY over and be informed about. This “Three Days of Darkness” prophecy has been around for many years. Like the rapture-event, no one can predict an exact date or time. Be ready in your home, just in case. DO NOT MOCK. GOD *could* definitely do this.

  7. Len Hummel

    PRAY & be vigilant…
    From PROPHETIC WATCHMAN: Byron Searle

    Amos 5:20
    “Shall not the day of the Lord be darkness, and not light? even very dark, and no brightness in it?”

    My son, DARKNESS is soon coming upon this nation and THICK DARKNESS upon the hearts of those who reject Me! This DARKNESS is **not only spiritual, but also physical as it will envelop the entire nation and world!**

    Men’s eyes will strain to find light – even a match will seem like a spotlight! ABSOLUTE BLACK is what is said when you enter a cave and turn off all the lights. Your eyes strain to see even the smallest amount of light. (At this point, the Lord brought back to my memory, a scene from 1976 when my wife and I were stationed at Rickenbacher AFB in Columbus, Ohio. We went on tour of the Olentangy Indian Caverns. They are underground caverns, passages, and rooms on 3 levels that go from a depth of 55 to 105 feet down. During the tour when everyone was pretty far down inside, they announced that the lights would be going out. When the lights went out, it was complete, total, absolute darkness, pitch black! You could not see anything at all! This was what the Lord showed me it would be like during this time.) This is the way the DARKNESS will be upon the Earth, because this is the way of man’s heart! This was the way it was during Noah’s time – men’s hearts had evil in them all the time!!
    My son, I say this DARKNESS will last three days. Any longer, and men’s minds would snap, and all would go insane. This will be as it is in hell, in the OUTER DARKNESS where men will gnash their teeth!!
    This DARKNESS will also be the time when a bottomless pit will open, and hordes of demons will flood the Earth! GROSS THICK DARKNESS – ABSOLUTE BLACK!!!
    My son, for My Remnant and Bride – I will ILLUMINATE you during this time, so after the DAYS OF DARKNESS pass, you will shine as beacons, reflecting My Glory and Light!! I AM the Light of the World, and ALL men will be drawn to Me! Many will turn away when My light exposes their sin, but some will allow My light to erase the DARKNESS OF SIN!!

    My son, I AM coming soon to gather My Remnant, and it will be during the TOTAL BLACKOUT – ABSOLUTE BLACK, NO LIGHT!! That is when I will come and TRANSFORM My Remnant! This DARKNESS is very near! My Word says, I inhabit the DARKNESS, THE THICK DARKNESS (I Kings 8:12), and I will very soon claim My own!

    I love you, My Children, My Remnant, and My Bride! I AM coming very soon! Keep your eyes on Israel – that is the clue!! Netanyahu will be re-elected, for I have chosen him to lead Israel in the final days, just as I have chosen Trump to bring judgment on America!

    Messiah Jesus
    And yes: there *are* numerous scriptures/prophecies that indicate this COULD be a Judgment from GOD before Jesus returns. It COULD be BEFORE the rapture, … or AFTER the rapture event.
    Be ready. have your house in order.

  8. Yawchal

    Why can’t I see the five comments on this post??

  9. Suds

    I’m sorry, but that has to be one of the stupidest interpretations of that parable I’ve seen. It’s called a parable for a reason. You shouldn’t be taking it literally. What you’re implying is that in order to be saved, one must go out and purchase physical material. That heretical nonsense and a damnable doctrine.

    Matthew 25:12 King James Version (KJV)
    12 But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not.

    I guess instead of Jesus saving us, we must go and purchase magic candles and other supplies otherwise Jesus does not know us!

    Get out of here with that garbage. Isn’t it wonderful how we take a parable literally!

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