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THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS Part 2 of 2 – Hisforgiven1


February 5, 2021 12:30 AM

Part 1 can be found here

The times and dates mentioned in the first two pages are only estimates. The dates may be adjusted when Nibiru is sighted. If a visual sighting of Nibiru doesn’t happen after February 20th and the following weeks coming up to the end of March, then this will happen later. But, it will happen soon, so continue to make preparations. This is a life and death event, and I’m trying to save your life and to get you to seek God with all of your heart and soul. You must get right with God as soon as possible, even tomorrow is not guaranteed.
You are probably wondering why God is allowing all of this to happen. This is what I feel GOD is saying. “Very evil men and women in this nation, not only in your government, but in every area of life have come against Me for many many years. They have made laws against your Constitution, and want to do away with it. They are turning this nation into a communist country. They have invited China to come into America and take control. China has an army on the borders of Canada and in Mexico, just waiting orders to invade America. Their biggest mistake is that they are coming against My People, forbidding them to gather and worship Me. Also making plans behind closed doors to eliminate ALL who believe in Me. The ungodly are everywhere, causing My people to sin. Many who were very close to Me have become very worldly and have left Me and joined with the sinners. The lukewarm and backslidden are becoming harder and harder to reach, turning their backs on Me as I continually call out to them. They won’t repent, loving their worldly life style and forgetting their Creator. I have blessed America more than any nation on earth, but they have rejected Me, and now it’s time I got their attention, and I will deal with America first”. My thoughts are that Most of the destruction will come upon North and South America. which is approximately one/third of the world. Europe, Africa and Asia make up approximately two/thirds of the world.
Have you read in Revelation, chapters 8 and 9 that a third part of the trees and all grass was burned up? Also a third part of the sea became blood and a third of the sea creatures died and a third part of the ships were destroyed. Then a third part of the rivers and fountains of waters became wormwood and became bitter and many men died because the waters were made bitter. In chapter 9, the abyss was opened and evil demonic locust creatures tormented men for five months and men were unable to die. Then a third part of men were slain by a two hundred million man army. Does most of this happen on our side of the world, not sure, but it does look like it. In America, the elite of America, government officials, and the rich will be hiding in their underground cities not caring about anyone else. The underground cities may end up being their graves. The second reason I feel God is allowing this to happen is that the Father, Yahushua, and the Holy Spirit will visit everyone on earth offering them salvation and eternal life with Them in Heaven forever if they accept Jesus/Yahushua as their Lord and Savior. The third and last reason for this, what I am feeling in my heart, is God will gather His very small remnant from around the world. They are also called His Bride. The Bride will consist of people who originally came from the twelve tribes of the children of Israel who have migrated into every nation of the world over the years. The Bride will consist of believers who are the closest to the Lord from all over the world. They will be transformed, and given a supernatural body. They are protected by God and no one will be able to hurt them. I believe during the three days and nights of darkness they will receive training from Yahushua and then after the three days they will be sent by God into all of the world to bring in the Great Harvest of Souls. Please pray about all of this! Ask the Lord if what I’m saying is right or not, Remember, the times and dates are estimates only, I may be wrong, but I don’t think so, I’m just kidding!! I’m still praying about all of this myself, and will continue praying. You must continue praying about this whether it happens at Passover 2021, or at a later date, please seek GOD for truth!
The last thing that I must tell you concerns all of the babies and children, up to the age of accountability. The age of accountability varies with every child. Especially the children with sickness and diseases that affects their mind and ability to think and communicate. Of course, everyone of these children and even older children, no matter their age, will be taken to Heaven. What the Lord has said to me, is that as things in this ungodly world get really bad, the Lord Jesus/Yahushua will come and gather the children and bring all of them to Heaven. They will be very well taken care of, and will be waiting for their moms and dads to join them in Heaven. The Lord doesn’t want them to get hurt and suffer the many things that will be coming upon this earth. This will break the hearts of their moms and dads, because they will miss them so much, but, they will be safe, and having a lot of fun, even playing with Jesus at times. You moms and dads won’t have to worry about taking care of them, feeding them and protecting them from all the evil that will be coming upon this world, you will have your hands full taking care of yourself, especially when you can’t buy or sell unless you take the mark of the beast, which along with the covid vaccine will change your DNA, and you will not be fully human anymore if you give in to the pressure. Taking the vaccine shot or the mark of the beast which is coming soon, will prevent you from entering heaven. Those who take the vaccine or the mark, will condemn themselves to hell and the lake of fire forever. DO NOT DO THIS!
Will Jesus come for the children before the THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS? I don’t know, but HE could, because this comet/planet will be the largest catastrophe since Noah’s Flood and possibly, even worse! I can’t imagine it being worse, but it very well could be!
Please pray and seek God with all of your heart, make sure that you and your family are right with God. If you are not sure you are going to heaven when you leave this earth, get down on your knees and invite Jesus into your heart and save you. He will give you eternal life and you will be with Him and your children forever, HalleluYAH!! Here is a list of potential effects caused by Nibiru. Arctic and Antarctic Drastic Effects, Changes in Climate Zones and Upper Jet Stream, Cold and Hot Extremes, Deforestation (Through Disease and Insects Infestation), Drought, (Extreme shortage of water), Dust Storms, Increase in Hurricanes and Tornadoes, Earth Crust Cracking and Shifting, Abnormal days of Rainfall with Flash Flooding, New Geology (New Mountains and Valleys, Extreme or Abnormal Ice Storms and Snow Storms, Extreme Lakes and River Levels (Some will disappear), Landslides or Liquefaction of Soil, Mass Death of People ¼ of Earth Population Dies, Mass Death of Animals, Sudden Rise and Drop of Local Sea Levels, Extreme or Abnormal Changes in Ocean Currents, Extreme Seismic Activity, Sinkholes (Shall increase in frequency), Tsunami,(80 percent of Global Population Lives on Coastlines or Rivers, Volcanoes (1500 plus on Land and 3,400,000 Under Our Oceans, Earthquakes Will Show an Exponential Rise, Wildfires (High Winds and Fire Tornadoes will Increase Damage), Total Control of the News, Media and Internet, Food Crisis (Caused by Drought, Rationing will Occur), Financial Crisis, Electrical Energy Crisis, War, Increase in Meteor Activity, Effects on Comets, Asteroids and Planets (is now occurring), Changes in Solar Activity, Geomagnetic Storms will stretch to the Equator, Earth Rotation will be delayed by 12 hours and forward speed reduced, Temporary Pole Shift 26-28 degrees, High Winds 150 to 300 mph (temporary), Magnetic Pole Shift each time 30 mile diameter Plasma discharge hits earth, On day of crossing, 1/2 of earth will have severe meteor shower!

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