Dream, Three Days of Darkness

Three days of darkness comes after Cascadia earthquake – Rydelacruz


Three days of darkness comes after Cascadia earthquake

April 14, 2021 11:57 AM

April 4,2021

I dreamed last night or actually the morning after about three days of darkness. I don’t usually have dreams of the prophetic or future events but usually only my personal life but this one was odd out of nowhere i was talking in my dream about three days of darkness.

It started i was watching a news in my bedroom laptop and it was about Cascadia earthquake that just hit (somewhere in California) and i went out of the bedromm to see my entire family and relatives in our living room which was odd because we never get to be this together during pandemic so they were all present and told them about the news but they are not paying attention but instead surfing the net for other stuff and i suddenly had a vision of a planet kinda getting nearer the earth kinda colliding and it turned our atmosphere dim and thick with frost in the air and i immediately closed the windows because i feel something is not right. It was also getting dimmer and i went to my family out of nowhere i was talking or explaining to them about the three days of darkness of what they should do when it begins to darken around. But they seemed to not care or listen so i just go about and closed all the windows and curtains but then in a while they interrupt and open up some windows because its hot inside. I got furious as to why they do that until i notice and yelled that the darkness is beginning and let us now closed everything before the demons come out. I was in a frenzy to closed everything but the lights were still on it did not blackout so i was telling my family to come hide in a room away from the windows but they just wont listen to me so i just went ahead and hide and i woke up.



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