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Those Who Repudiate Family Ties – Only a Grain of Sand

A Message To All Those Who Will Repudiate Their Family Ties By God The Father

August 19 & 20, 2019
Only A Grain Of Sand

After the Kick-Off Event, society will devolve and collapse quickly, in Babylon America: famine, penury, fires, floods, unemployment, civil unrest, natural disasters, war intensifying momentously, day by day.

Those That Repudiate Their Family Ties:
Parents Against Children
Children Against Parents
Siblings Against Siblings
Relatives Against Relatives
Listen To I AM NOW!

I AM Almighty God created the family unit as the basis of society and civilization. Those that abrogate these ties are reprobates, in My Eyes. I AM created the family to love, protect, help and serve each other. And then outward to build connections to other family units, neighbors, to create the basis of society.

Satan wants to destroy the family, and those that follow him, in his plan are enemies of God, and mankind, alike. Do Not Go Down This Road, It Leads Straight To Hell, Forever!

Those who take the chip, will turn into monsters, and then turn their relatives into the government beast system, will not be forgiven, by Almighty God, and will suffer, eternal fires in Hell. Period!

Those that kill and eat their parents, children, or relatives, have sealed their fates forever. Do you think this is a fantasy, scare tactic from a crazed pen? Your reality will shortly dissolve into a horror, beyond, any of you putrid satanic Hollywood movie scenarios. Consider now these words and choose God, who will protect His own from all these monstrosities!

The Fall IS The Fall!

I AM God Almighty, your Father In Heaven & you are My Children not satan’s.



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Matthew 10:21



  1. refuse to accept or be associated with.
    “she has repudiated policies associated with previous party leaders”
    synonyms: rejectrenounceabandonforswear, give up, turn one’s back on, have nothing more to do with, wash one’s hands of, have no more truck with, abjuredisavowrecantdesertdiscarddisown, cast off, lay aside, cut off, rebuff;

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