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This will be their final warning – Katherine Lehman


This will be their final warning

April 14, 2022 8:06 AM
Katherine Lehman

I asked Father, in Jesus’ name, and standing on Jer. 33:3, to please tell me why the coming “Pink” full moon at Pasach lasts for 3 days. I asked Him to grant me wisdom, and the Spirit of revelation and understanding.

He responded, “I will, My love, because you asked.”

“It is an historic event, as you’ve realized. Never before has a full moon lasted 3 days. And there is an important message to be heard because it will occur over Pasach. And it does relate to the 3 days and nights My dear Son was in the grave for all mankind.”

“It is this, My love. I will release truth to the whole world of My Son’s sacrifice. I will use a natural occurrence, an event most pay absolutely no attention to, to shake them awake, as I shook the earth when My son died for all mankind.”

“I shook the Temple, and rent the veil into the Holy of Holies then, to show the Jews, and especially their priests ( NOT My priests, and NOT My people) their gross sin in denying and killing their Savior as they had denied, abused and killed My prophets before Him…all those who warned and spoke of Him that they hated.”

“I will once again shake the earth and remind all mankind their Savior lives! He lives, and will soon reign on this Earth over all kingdoms of the world. Those who will not receive Him will be destroyed. I have warned and warned. I warn no more! ”
“This will be their final warning. I wait no longer! How dare they presume to deny Him, to ignore Him as if He were merely a fable! I will shake the earth!”


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