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October 15, 2018


Prophesy Daughter Prophesy

My children, I am not going to answer your prayers for abundance, for prosperity so you can spend on more foolish and frivolous things. This nation is about to CRASH AND BURN!!! My anger is kindled and I will NOT bow down to your demands.

I am going to shake you awake and strip you of all your materialism; your idols that keep you from Me. You have NOT used mammon wisely but have lavished yourselves in self-indulgence; a nation full of children absorbed in “self”.

You are “self-destructing” yet you are too blinded by the things that are of the world and mean nothing in the end. Your blessings in this nation are about to go! I have said over and over and over again you are a cursed nation. All My warnings have fallen on deaf ears to a people full of pride and arrogance.

I AM is going to humble all and bring you low. Many of My elect are still in pride refusing to submit. I will bring all in rebellion, pride, arrogance, building your own kingdoms to a screeching halt. You will be chastened hard. I have had enough of your insolent attitude. How will you survive and pay your rent, your mortgage without your beloved mammon?

You will have to depend solely on Me. Do you have this kind of faith? Are you ready to live without all your toys? Are you ready to live as those in the 1800’s? Do you know how to survive without your fast food restaurants?

I gave in abundance; all taken for granted so you will be stripped of all luxuries. You will see it is I that has provided so richly to America. Children of America, you think too highly of yourselves when it was I that blessed you with all you have. I gave and now will take away and you will realize it was I, the Almighty, the Great I AM that has done this. Noone is crying out in repentance much; harsher judgments on the way. What will it take to get you on bended knee before Me?

Will you survive the testings, trials, the persecution that will come upon you? What you call persecution is nothing compared to those overseas and what they have gone through. Now this persecution is coming upon you. They will hunt you down. Friends and family will betray you. Christians will betray Christians to save their own skin.

Those who are repenting, clinging to the cross and walking in My Ways are protected. You will be safe for the allotted time. Some of you will have to be on the run but they will eventually find you. Some will lose their lives but stand with Me and you will receive your reward and forever be with Me. Martyrdom is an honor; wear this proudly for the Kingdom awaits all who will die in My Name. Rejoice for you will live and reign with Me.

Unrepentant Ones, you have much to fear for I am against your rebellion. Hardship is coming upon you and I warn to REPENT and DO NOT take the Mark and you still then can be saved; stay defiant and refuse and you will burn for My wrath will be upon you!

Your days are numbered. Each one of you are numbered. I say you when you leave and your time is so very short to make amends with your Creator. Do NOT be foolish! I wish none to perish but too many will perish. You will die in your sins.

I DO NOT mince words children. It is either Me or it is the liar and deceiver you follow.

This nation is on a collision course with its Creator. It is about to CRASH and I am about to burn off all that is NOT of Me. You will be naked and bare and each one will give account to Me so very soon. Will you choose wisely or continue your foolishness until the end? What will it be children?

My Beloved daughter, I am done speaking. You are about to CRASH AND BURN in more ways than one oh foolish nation and peoples. Your days of testing Me to see how far you can go and what you can get away with are over; now I will test all and who will rise up in the coming tribulation and who will fall away?

I AM an all Consuming Fire!!!


(Given to Ms. Sophie on 10/15/2018)

He wants you to read the Book of Revelation for we are living in those days now!

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