This is your final warning My Children. The door is closing and is almost closed. – Angel Falcione

Angel Falcione

September 3, 2018

I received a message from the LORD today September 3, 2018. In prayer, the Lord asked me to cover my head and then spoke….

Christianity is not to be taken lightly like some hobby you pick up and for a while and then put back down. It is a choice, a life style you adapt to day by day by following Me and getting in My word. Many call Me LORD but do not do the things that I tell them to do. I don’t understand this concept you mortals have adopted. Why would you think you can pick Me up and put Me back down as you needed? I am not a toy My Children, nor will I listen to you any longer when you think of Me this way. I AM your GOD, Your FATHER, and I must be treated as such. I am Holy and must be reverenced as so. I am Holy and you must conduct your lives in a Holy manner. I tell you this over and over and you aren’t listening to Me or My Prophets.
You think you have much time left or that it doesn’t apply to you because you hear from Me. But I tell you, it applies to YOU and to ALL who are willing to listen and obey Me. This is your final warning My Children. Please listen to Me and stop playing around with your salvation. You are sinning and you think you are not. I am here to tell you, stop this nonsense of thinking you are holy, you are not holy, you are foul and you need to repent now.
The door is closing and is almost closed. Please Children, I want none to perish, I love you and I am merciful. But you must acknowledge your blatant sin you do in front of Me and relinquish your ways to Me. I will forgive you, My grace is sufficient for each and everyone of you, including you My Daughter. I am coming for, you must surrender now your heart to Me, and I will spare your life and save you. I am coming very quickly, in the blink of eye. Don’t be caught unaware of My pleadings to you. I want to save you, but you must allow Me to. I love you, My Children. Your loving Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ.

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