This Is Why – Cheryl Adama

More than we believe will hear these words ‘Depart from Me for I never knew you!’ This is why:

Cheryl Adama

There is a people who count themselves as My own, but what they do not realize is that they make no welcome for Me.  So, what they learn of Me (that is true) is from the Spirit – yes, but as spoken from the outside.  I speak continually to the unbelieving from the outside to penetrate in them, and so they are counted in this group. 

It is like in the parable of the sower, who sowed seed.  I sow seed continually and many have the seed, receive it outside of themselves.  It is only those who receive Me within, where they will be the ones who understand and become producers of My harvest.

This is what is faced today, that those who encounter My seed (the Word) externally and so it does not take effect as I will it.  These ones have mistakenly counted themselves as My own prematurely and so you have a widespread deception among the church assemblies. 

Some who are of this have the dress of one who is born again, who may even talk great and compelling words and be teachers and leaders in the faith, but they are void of My Spirit.  And it is these who I have spoken about saying not all who say ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the Kingdom.  Those who have done many great and even noble things in My name – but because they did not welcome Me to enter in them so they might become My temple – they will be sorely rebuked on that day where I will turn them to ‘Depart from Me, for I never knew you – you worker of lawlessness!’  

I come by invitation to anyone who extends it from their heart and I enter in and will sup with them and we will have communion together.  This invitation is created when a soul is contrite – in understanding they repent and then turn from sin – so they are able to turn to Me and I to them.  To turn toward Me is to turn away from sin and self.  It is not possible to stay in sin and self and turn to Me at the same time.

The deceived soul, who has not the Seed implanted within – who is not born of the Spirit, cannot understand the things of the Spirit, and so they are ever learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. They become religious, but unchanged. Truth always changes a man from within.  They are ones who are overcome by many sins and seek for My peace and do not have it.  They turn to the world for their fixes and do not know how to gain victory I promise though My Son.  They are the ones who have corrupted the gospel with their own interpretation so they may justify themselves in their ‘Christianity.’  Many are whitewashed walls that look beautiful and inspiring on the outside, but when I look into inside they are full of dead men’s bones. 

Anyone who is Mine, who have made their bodies My Temple are ones who know My peace and who continually accommodate Me like one would a visiting dignitary – who spare no expense and effort to make place for Me.   They are ones who hear Me when I speak and they obey in what I say.  They are ones whose hunger and thirst for Me only increases and become stronger in Me so they may gain in victory over sin, self and the world.  They are overcomers, all who are Mine.  They move farther away from the things that once drew them in their own fleshly lusts and the world.  Their lives they do not love, My Life, they love.   

Be certain there are more than it is believed who walk like they are Mine and yet are not.  This is why I say it is by their fruit they are known.  

For any who have My Spirit in them I command to be led by My Spirit and these are My Sons and daughters.

I exhort you all, see if My Spirit is in you – test and examine what you call your faith.  Careful that you think you stand – when in fact you fall.   My Spirit is the very power that raised My Son from the grave and whoever has it and be led by it will surely know.

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