This is what My coming will look like and be – Alex Isason

Alex Isason

Published on Jan 21, 2016

The seas rumble, the oceans wax.
The skies grow dimmer.
The light becomes black.
A few scattered souls remain with the light in them shining brightly for the world to see. My children this is what My coming will look like and be.

The sky will turn blood red, all will be dark. Then suddenly heavens will part. You will see Me in the clouds . You will see Me coming. I will call you by name and you will meet Me in clouds. There will be a massive earthquake once My chosen leave. People will be dropping to their knees. Suddenly a loud blast will be heard. Many will be left without a single word. The people will run and try to find safety. My word will become scarce. A time is coming when you least expect it, when I will gather my children from across the land. A time is coming you never thought would be here. I assure you, it is very near. A time is coming where men’s hearts will fail. I am sending falling angels to the earth. They will be in disguise. Their goal is to make everyone captive to them. My children will be wise.

A time is coming where this world will be black with evil and no light found for I’m the light of the world and I will be with My bride.

A time is coming where you will be unable to proclaim who you are so you will need a mark.

The mark is not to be taken if you choose to be with Me.
The mark is to be rejected.
I will pour my plagues upon the earth every plague you have ever read in the Bible will come upon those with the mark.

Do not accept it. It will remove me from your thoughts and your consciousness will be seared with a hot iron never to come to repentance.

If you want to escape the great tragedy coming upon this Earth, pray to be accounted worthy to escape all things. Bring in My harvest for now is the time and there are few laborers.

Abide in the vine. I will come on you like living water.
My Spirit will dwell in you.
I will make you clean and new and completely transform you.
My chosen now is your time. My chosen now is your time.

-Yeshua HaMashiach

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