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March 19, 2021 12:44 PM

March 17, 2021 @ 9:00am:

I dont know about you brothers and sisters, but at this time I really feel an escalating urgency and I needed to get this message out to you. The best way to summarize what I saw (since it’s quite complex and long) is God has been putting me and probably you as well through this period of testing. Very soon it will be “Go time.” He’s trying to prepare us for what will unfold soon. It is not going to be the same and we are NOT going back to normal.

Short testimony but I personally came to Christ this past summer in 2020, and the Holy Spirit – which I hadn’t the slightest understanding of in the past – gave me this conviction to quit my fulltime job. So in a moments notice, I quit and I’ve spent everyday since studying my bible/the Word of God all-day, everyday, to catch up after all these years of mocking and scoffing Christians. I’ve never been a believer but these days He is the love of my life and I want nothing more than His will for my life. It’s been a complete transformation and it is literally THAT serious these days that I have left everything behind to devote myself fully to God. So I urge you, if you feel something in your spirit these days, take it to the Lord for understanding and invite the Holy Spirit to lead you in the most efficient way for your life. Now that I’ve devoted myself fully to Christ, I KNOW He’s trying to get this message out and so few hear Him crying out though He’s been extending His arm for so long in mercy and grace. There is so little time left before things unfold drastically and by then it will be too late for some of you. So I encourage you all no matter what degree or experience in the faith to go before God right now before reading the rest and pour out your heart to Him. Humble yourself in His presence by getting on your knees, folding your hands or reaching out for Him and ask Him to come into your life and transform you out of faith. Faith the size of a tiny mustard seed can move mountains and it’s a gift you must ask God for. Ask God to reveal Himself to you with a genuine heart and He will fix your heart and soul for all eternity. He is our comfort, our protector, our shield, our fortress, our rock to stand on. He is the beginning and the end, but He doesn’t leave us stranded to go through this journey alone. He holds our hand and helps us stand upright and in righteousness, and He walks by our side through the middle guiding every one of our steps. When we cry, He cries with us and feels our pain. He’s not a distant God but He loves you so much He made a way through Jesus Christ for you to be in His heavenly presence. Brothers and sisters, ask God everyday for your daily bread, and drink from the living water that only He can extend to you and you’ll never know thirst again. The Lord provides the gift of life for free to all. He just wants a relationship with you. He gave you the breath in your lungs, the least we can do is thank Him with it. And He wants us to surrender our lives to Him so He can take care of you better than you can take care of life yourself. We think we know best but God created everything and everyone and His eye is on the sparrow. Nothing escapes His vision and no one’s knowledge surpasses His. No matter how impossible things seem, He is the God of the impossible. And He cannot lie. If He tells the waters to move out of the way, they WILL stand up. He is the God of the living so have no fear, but rest in His embrace and PLEASE, I implore you. Take this more seriously than you would plan having a child, buying a house or a car, deciding on an investment, going to school, asking that person out or deciding on a college or whatever. Forget everything this life has to offer and embrace God’s limitless possibilities and ask Him what He wants for your life! He will not disappoint you or let you down. He will never leave you or forsake you. God is love.

The Lord is saying to everyone not to mess around; to get our spiritual houses above all else IN ORDER. That is, the place you invite Jesus into in your heart, so that He may dwell inside you and guide you on the path of righteousness. Most of our spiritual houses are coated in some form of grime, stained and a stench to the Lord. We need to invite Jesus into our lives genuinely so He can wash away your sins and clean your spiritual house. And once you accept Him into your life and your heart, then you need to keep your spiritual house clean by continually asking for forgiveness and asking God to help you do His will so that you avoid sinning repeatedly. Ask Jesus for the strength daily to fight your lusts and temptations because He can give you the impossible strength to overcome just as He overcame (Read Matthew 4). All praises to God!

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. There is so little time left to make straight ways for Him and a lot of us would rather watch tv and play sports, or work out, or find any excuse. But THIS LIFE is TEMPORARY and it’s all A TEST to make a final choice for all eternity whether to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, or deny Him and be sent to the lake of burning sulfur forever. This is not something to mess around with brothers and sisters. So please make time and ask the Lord now to forgive your sins. You might not have tomorrow.

Go before Him in humble prayer and repentance asking Him to reveal Himself to you.
Declare with your mouth and believe in your heart Jesus came down from heaven to die for your sins because we are nothing but filthy and stained and corrupt from our sins.
Jesus came down from safety and protection, power and love in heaven to become a mortal man like one of us to die on the cross innocently and be raised from the dead by His Heavenly Father 3 days later.
He conquered death and the grave so we could carry around his death and resurrection with us everyday if we bear our crosses and give up our lives to the Father just like Jesus.
We conquer death and the grave through Jesus ultimate sacrifice.

If you believe this in your heart and be baptised in the name of Jesus, if you accept the Holy Spirit to come into your life and transform and renew your mind, God has so much He needs to tell you these days. We need to be dedicating our time to Him and remain in His word, guided 100% in our lives by the Holy Spirit so we don’t waste a precious minute that we have of this period of grace.

Praise God!
Thank you Holy Spirit.

Now, if the Holy Spirit leads you when you read this dream, ask for the understanding because to those who have eyes to see but can’t hear, or ears to listen but are deaf, it will seem long and pointless. But the Lord has a very important message for you. I pray for you and urge you to seek the deeper understanding of this message through the Holy Spirit. Just ask and you will recieve.

All that said, I want to share this dream I had last night. This one is called THIS IS NOT A DRILL to go with the message above. Father God enrolled me in a military bootcamp. I kept being put through different environments and simulations and saw many things by the end of the night.

I was working as what I call a “military volunteer” and had to go through training. (I have 0 military background). We looked the part: our military volunteer clothes were green drab everything – no patterns and no buttons or accessories. We all wore long sleeve shirts, green belts, green pants, green boots and had a green helmet on. We had no weapons, gear, equipment or backpacks. We were just going through these different drills.

So in one of my first assignments, I was on a raft or a piece of wood that was sinking or barely floating in this really deep and stirred, cold, muddy water in the middle of the night. I had the responsibility of someone else with me, a child, my little brother and with the weight of both of us on the small piece of wood, we were quickly sinking. He can’t swim and I can barely swim myself, so it kept sinking and I had to keep pushing and swimming to keep both of us afloat.

I believe my mission was to teach him how to swim.

Time wise, I don’t if this happened next or before that scene, but we were both put on this boat in the middle of nowhere on this dirty water. And I was trying to teach my little brother to practice moving his arms like how you would swim, but he wasn’t listening whatsoever and just wanted to play video games. So I got so frustrated with him (I was just going to yell at him), but suddenly I had impossible strength and authority come over me and I don’t know what came over me. I was so desperate to show him how serious this was and I grabbed him by the back of the shirt and lifted him so his nose was practically touching the waters. His entire body was straightened out and tense like a plank and he stayed perfectly still while I picked him up and suspended him right above the water so he wasn’t touching it and I was showing him the waters right in front of his face so he could see the threat of needing how to know how to swim. And I told him I wanted to hurl him into the water (and if I actually did, he would’ve flown half way across the world; I had impossible strength). I showed him the seriousness of the matter and then in love and compassion giving one more chance, I pulled him back into the dry boat and broke down into agonizing cries hoping he would take it more seriously now because I had nothing else I could do to show him what was coming.

That’s how every simulation ended in this dream. I would experience something, but end up frustrated. I couldn’t figure out what was so hard about any of it. And I kept falling to my knees, feeling so defeated. But I wouldn’t give up. It was tiresome, agonizing, the torment of everything going wrong, one event after the next seemingly forever.

And everytime my sergeant was patient and kind to me watching everything I was doing and all my reactions. My sergeant reminded me of one of my college professors who would always treat me with respect and kindness. He was very gentle but knowledgeable – an older gent with lots of life still in his bones and a vigor most young adults can’t even seem to find these days. It also might be important to note I’m pretty sure he is a man of God so I found that interesting. Thank you Holy Spirit. He spoke gently and had a heart for me even in these harsh settings.

Finally, at the last simulation we had to build barricades with boxes and legos. Sounds like fun, but this was not to be taken lightly. For now the Lord was showing me as if trying to paint a picture lovingly in the mind of a child, but the content is mature.

In this last course, He actually stationed a volunteer with a fake plastic bazooka to stand at a cleared section in this obstacle course area with 4 pillars of boxes at each corner in a small square around the volunteer. I stood in the right corner behind this person while they faced forward, and at first, I ran around the box pillar and was going to hide in the cover to the person’s front right that I initially saw in front of him. But when I got there, the cover vanished and I saw the cover was actually on his front left and I was fully exposed. And someone behind me yelled, “Don’t get in the way of the guy with the bazooka!” And they also warned to have his back. So we had to do this right the first time and there was a lot of pressure. Everyone took it very seriously. And it was traumatic and realistic. Very tiring. A lot of work I wasn’t in shape for. I was mentally tested to the absolute limits. It was agonizingly painful. I hurt so badly inside. Physically I was running through a kiddie playground with legos, foam blocks, and cardboard with imaginary guns and a fake green plastic bazooka. But it felt like I was really in a war. We weren’t playing games.

Because I messed up the simulation by exposing myself, we all had to go back to the beginning and start again as a team. This time, I was running through this makeshift course, and as I ran, I knocked over this feather light cardboard box right near the end of the entire course. And that was the last straw because that meant we had to go back to the beginning again, and I instantly lost all my patience. In a rage, I picked up the box and threw it right back at the ground and then broke down in frustration to pick the box back up. But I didn’t realise because I was so angry that everyone saw what I did. And so the other volunteers came over and started helping me put the course obstacles back. But when I started helping them fix the mess I made so I could cool off, even the legos wouldn’t be put back together. They weren’t snapping and it wasn’t fun anymore. So my sergeant came over now (looking and talking like my old college professor), and he bent down beside me and put his hand on my back. I said to him, “I HATE this,” and it seemed to him like I was talking about the legos, so I said, “Not the legos… I don’t know what it is.”

And then I felt a different voice, I don’t know if it was the Father’s voice or an evil voice or both, but in one voice I heard him say, “What’s wrong? Is it too RELATABLE?” And that was exactly it. It all made perfect sense that THAT was why I was in so much pain. Because the whole time, I just felt like whatever is coming next these days is going to be so much worse than this dreadful obstacle course and these drills, and this is actually the reality.

We are in a war.
We are battling for souls.
We need to get ready and get in shape for what’s coming.
We are trudging through mud meanwhile people are out acting like life is so normal.
Parents are distracted like their children, too busy playing video games while we are stranded on a boat in the middle of an ocean yelling, “Make straight paths for Him,” and nobody can hear us.
Nobody seems to be listening to the messages and the Word given by the Lord.

I try to hide behind cover, or get the warnings out that the Lord gives me, but everything is under constant spiritual attacks and interference.
The people who we expect should be leading the congregation and teaching us the truth, and helping us practice the drills so our bodies are ready and in good shape for the upcoming battle, are dealing with their own issues of pride, and they don’t give true guidance from God. They prophesy from their own imaginations and a lot of people don’t see the issue and are blindly being lead astray. It all goes wrong because we don’t go to God for guidance but seek it from those we expect are good Christian men and women. We may be decieved and not even know it, and think we’re in perfect control of our lives and the circumstamces we’re in. This is not a drill, people! Wake up! This is coming for all of us and it is not going to be peaceful; something you can just pray away when things look ugly. THIS IS THE HOUR OF JUDGEMENT AND TRIAL BY FIRE. We need to be REFINED, CLEANSED, PURIFIED, and made RIGHTEOUS and HOLY.




My dreams showed that I was not in shape and had to learn all these drills urgently, in the last possible minutes before it’s, “Go time!”

Most people won’t survive His wrath and judgements, and that’s immensely painful for Him so He’s giving us another chance.

Finally it all just clicked. And I said yes! It’s relatable; that’s why I was angry and upset in the dream. And I immediately cracked and broke out in tears. Tears bursting and running down my face like a broken dam and he was so gentle to me in this military scenario while we’re just crouched there and everyone was kind to me. Everyone in the military uniforms seemed to know what I was going through like we’re all listening and going through the same thing.

My character in the swimming exercise represented the Father, and my little brother represented the children of God. He’s showing us the water and the threat of drowning. He’s warning us this is serious and we need to learn how to swim (live/prepare) NOW. He will even teach us. But we are almost out of time and we need to be obedient and trust Him whether we see that or not.

Take this to the Lord so He can teach you what you need to know/do and allow Him to reveal the truth to you.

Where we are weak, He is strong brothers and sisters in Christ. Lean not on your own understanding but find rest in His embrace. Seek refuge in the Lord and His greater ways. He is not a God of chaos but of peace. He does not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. I pray for peace through humble repentance and obedience for all of you in these times.

Peace in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Lord, may this message reach and speak to who it needs to. And may you reveal your mysteries to us in your perfect time in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.



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