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this is how the dead shall be buried – AJ
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this is how the dead shall be buried

November 4, 2020 9:08 PM

Today is 5/11/2020

In a very short dream I was standing on an open flat field with short green grass. And several graves had been dug out in a straight line and by the looks of it the coffins had already been lowered down but the graves hadn’t been covered yet. And there was a mass funeral prayer service going on and people had gathered together to pray for the people that had been laid to rest. And then in a flash and with great force God sent down ice and snow mixed together and it fell on top of the graves and covered them and you could see huge heaps of ice in a row. And it amazed me as I replayed that exact moment over again.

This is a very symbolic dream with a clear message. God is saying “this is how the dead shall be buried.”



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