This is for you… – Jason Brierly

This is for you… – Jason Brierly

November 29, 2018

This is for you…”look back seriously through your life and recognize” says the God of abraham isaac and Jacob…”I’ve had your back since day one…all if those times you shouldn’t have survived but did…those moments in utter silence and solitude when you felt the strong euphoria coupled with deafening silence in your mind where normally there’s noise…all those times your head was bowed and shoulders slumped from the crushing weight of the world and yet you received the strength and fortitude to lift your head and face the day…you are precious to me in ways which surpass your finite understanding…so as you sit there in forgetfulness by the noise of the world that I am your Daddy and you are My child, I place My finger beneath your chin and in a lifting motion I level once again, your eyes to an unforgiving world with strength which can only be chalked up to My glory alone…and as I do so I speak the three words to you which you never need forget…..I…love…you…never forget and always remember the relationship I called you into and walk straight backed and head up in boldness which comes with being My child…” (Jesus Christ is God)

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  1. Aubry Leighton

    These are the lyrics to a song I was given in 1982 as I meditated upon how Yeshuah must feel when He stands at the door of Revelation 3.

    Many times since I was brought to Yeshuah’s saving grace in 1972, I have thought to myself: How utterly disgusting the bride of Christ has become, reading over her attributes in Laodecia. Do you who claim to be His beloved ones not understand how revolting your self-righteousness and arrogance and adultery have made Yeshuah feel? Are you so self-absorbed that you do not have any understanding that He has no choice but to divorce you for your adulterous ways?

    Over the decades, I have heard “how beautiful” the metaphor of Yeshuah standing “at the door of your heart” knocking with a great promise of His presence by writer and preacher over and over again. It is disgusting!!! It is NOT a metaphor…He is expressing His Love even as he is in agony because He loves us so utterly rejected?

    Do you not understand that He is knocking on the door to His OWN RIGHTFUL TEMPLE? HIS HOUSE? HIS DWELLING PLACE?


    Laodecia means “the rights of the people,” in one translation. Well, what about HIS rights as the One who laid down HIS life for HIS beloved ones?

    Think about these things, Brothers and Sisters. You can have NO IDEA of what pain ALL of us have caused He Who first loved us.

    The words of Jason in his prophecy are my life’s blood to hear. I am weeping in my soul and in my heart because you know NOTHING yet of the depths of Yeshuah’s pain and suffering. I was just last night crying Abba, DADDY!!! in my brokenness for a secret I am not permitted to speak of at this time, of my own knowledge of pain 10 years ago when I saw Him at a door: THE DOOR of Revelation 3. I can say no more why, but I am offering you these song lyrics to meditate upon, to search yourselves to see if there is ANY sin–no matter how SMALL– to bring it to He Who is Faithful and True to HIS promises.

    I have been thinking about these things for several days now. Judgement is about to come FULL-force upon the United States. These dreams and prophecies are Yeshuah calling US to repentance. I am aware of my part in HIS suffering and searching myself to offer repentance. I offer you these song lyrics to consider YESHUAH’s feelings on the matter. I guess this is the time to share these lyrics because in an instant, you may see the Door for yourself. I hope this spares you all pain and shame.


    Once she was a lady taking honey in her tea,
    Living up the best of life, enjoyed My company.
    She lived it high, she had it rich, she lived in mansions–
    But she threw it all away…said she didn’t want to stay.

    But I gave her all I had–I laid My life down for her soul–
    She took My hand–I gave My heart–my all;
    But she said it’s just not good enough, then turned her eyes away,
    And now there’s nothing morevthat I can do…
    I gave My best–I can’t force her to stay.

    Once she craved My kisses–let Me hold her night and day;
    Said she wanted most to be with Me forever just that way.
    We soared the heights, we did it all, we lived in splendor–
    But she threw it all away–said she didn’t want to stay.

    But I gave her all I had; I laid My life down for her soul–
    She took My hand to break My heart, My all.
    And she says that we’re not good enough, and turns her eyes away–
    And now there’s nothing that she wants Me for.
    There’s nothing I can say.

    Once she was a lady–lived a life of royalty:
    Dressed in white, a crown of gold–an air of dignity.
    Now she can’t laugh; she drinks her whiskey straight–
    Let’s strangers call her friend.
    There’s nothing that she wants in Me; her love is at an end.

  2. Mary, Friend of Jesus

    Beautiful, beautiful word,thank you for sharing.

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