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This Is An Informational War – Lori Lawhun Keiser

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This Is An Informational War

October 29, 2022 9:05 PM
Lori Lawhun Keiser

Was just given this word from the Holy Spirit while in prayer

I am your God & you are my children. Many have said, “there is no God”. Many think that I am irrelevant, outdated or cannot see or cannot hear. I assure you; I am NOT blind or deaf. I know what evil the enemy has planned & I will only allow so much. I know what goes on in the hearts of man & I know the wickedness that has fallen on the earth. Take heart my children, all these things must come to pass before I can return. The storm is upon you but if you make me your anchor you will survive the storm although your ship may become torn & tattered, I will anchor you. Hold fast!! Behold, I come quickly. I will give you comfort in these end days. I will bring you rest. I will give you peace that passes all understanding. Those who do not know me will not understand this peace I give. They will ask, “why are you not concerned about the world crumbling around us” but it’s NOT because you don’t care, it is my peace in your heart and mind. This peace within you will perplex the enemy. Hold fast to it. All your trust needs to be in me. World War III has begun, although most are not aware of it. It started in Kiev. They do not call it World War III because truth is not in them. Parts of this war will be unconventional & not fought like wars of the past. This is an informational war. This is a technology war. The technology used by the enemy is very distorted & not true. The enemy will have videos & say, “you must believe what you have seen. It is all captured on video” but this will also be an illusion of the enemy. DO NOT believe their words or their proof. Stay quiet & watch their actions & their fruits. The enemy within is great. There will be more treasonous acts come to light. I will bring their evil plans and works to light. They will cower & run in fear. I will cut them off. They run toward the darkness. They desire the darkness, but my children must run toward the light. I am the light. Run to me & I will shelter you. Some of you look toward man to save you. Man cannot save you. ONLY I can save you!! I will pour out my wisdom & discernment on all my children who ask for it. My children will need supernatural wisdom & discernment in these days so they will not be ensnared in the evil one’s devices. What seems right to man will not be right in my eyes. Stay in constant prayer & keep your eyes on me & hide my word within your hearts.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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