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This is a warning to all the corrupted ministers – Whitney Eslick Manuel

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This is a warning to all the corrupted ministers

October 23, 2023 1:57 PM
Whitney Eslick Manuel


I had a dream this morning that really disturbed me because it featured people I know in real life and left me wondering what it meant. I prayed and asked the LORD if the dream was from Him and, if so, what was His interpretation.

In the dream I saw a man that I will call “Benny”. In real life I have known this man for 20+ years as he was a friend and roommate of someone close to me. Benny is now a full-time minister, but knowing him for so long I have been privy to some concerning things about the way he operated in the past. I’m not his judge and I don’t know anything about how he operates now; I just say this to bring backstory to this dream.

So I saw “Benny”, his wife, his mother-in-law, and his brother-in-law in this dream. They were each engaged in their own activities and not really interacting with one another. Then, I received a phone call from a young woman I also know in real life who I will call “Jenny”. I mentioned that Benny was there were I was and Jenny began to gush with excitement, going on about his powerful presence and the look in his eyes. In real life Benny has piercing eyes and a piercing look or stare. And she kept going on about this look and his presence. She was clearly mesmerized. Benny has never had this effect on me. Quite the opposite in reality.

But as Jenny kept talking to me she informed me that they were dating. I was shocked and confused. But knowing Jenny’s proclivity toward girlish fantasy and her habit of sometimes building up in her mind things that weren’t always rooted in reality, I carefully questioned her to see if these things were so. I found out that they had indeed been dating for 2 months. The reason this was so surprising and shocking for me is because Benny is married! I’ve known his wife, “Christy” for over 20 years. I was even at their wedding!

Jenny had no idea that I had known Benny for so long; she had just recently met him. She also had assumed I knew his current persona as the minister who near constantly goes on meetings and crusades around the world. And she was also very surprised to find out that he was actually married! She told me that when she first met Benny, she asked him if he was single and he said yes. But now she began to wonder if she had misunderstood his answer of confirming that he was single because she just couldn’t believe he would have lied.

As I was on the phone call with Jenny, I was aware that Benny and his family were around, so I slowly went farther and farther away from them to keep the conversation private. As I did, I caught Benny eyeing me suspiciously, fearing his secret was being made known. I continued talking with Jenny and asked her if she and Benny had kissed yet. She said they almost did once, but had been abruptly interrupted, so no, no kiss as of yet. I was partially relieved, but still very distressed. I told Jenny that what made this whole situation so awful was that fact that Benny had the perfect wife. I told her how Christy did all the cleaning, the cooking, and was completely supportive of her husband. I felt really bad for Christy being treated in this way.


After prayer the LORD revealed that Benny in this dream represented corrupted ministers and corrupted ministries. They are often very busy with activities, have a big presence, and a type of charm or attracting influence. Even Benny’s eyes, his particular look and defining stare that anyone who knows him would instantly recognize, represented the false anointing of the counterfeit ‘Holy Spirit’, a corrupted one. Again, I’m not saying that “Benny” (that isn’t even his name in real life) is guilty of these things. It’s just what he was used to represent in this dream.

Jenny represents the undiscerning Christians, those liable to fall for corrupted ministers and corrupted ministries, unable to discern what lies below the surface. Whether it be corrupted motives, allowance of secret sins, or even a corrupted Gospel, these ministers are in sin. They are at fault, but so are those who become infatuated with them, listening to them and following them.

Christy represented the LORD in this dream. The perfect spouse. CHRIST JESUS is the only perfect spouse. He is the perfect Husband, doing everything for us, providing all our needs, doing us good…yet He gets unfaithfulness.

This is a warning to all the corrupted ministers. Some are fully aware of their corruption. Some are deceived, trying to convince themselves of their good works, but their motives and hearts are not pure and sincere. Although no man or woman this side of Heaven can claim 100% pure motives and service to the LORD, there are those who serve the LORD faithfully out of what could be called a pure heart and those whose hearts are corrupted before Him. The LORD sees. He knows the difference. He is the Righteous JUDGE. This is a warning to those. You must REPENT and seek the LORD in truth.

This is a warning to the undiscerning among GOD’s flock. Your lack of discernment and willingness to follow corrupted teachers and eat up corrupted teaching is a sin. If you cry out for wisdom and pray for discernment, will the LORD not give it to you? Why do you not pray? To be lacking a holy fear of the LORD and His discernment is a CHOICE since He will give these to all who pray and ask for them. REPENT and ask the LORD to make you a Lover of the Truth. If you are a Lover of the Truth, then you will recognize it when you hear it and when you see it. You will also discern that something is “off” when the truth has been twisted or corrupted in some way. This is what it means to be a Lover of the Truth.

We must get the corruption out! All of us.
Out of our own hearts and minds!
And out of our ears!
Let us not listen to those operating in it!

LORD JESUS, thank You for Your loving kindness to warn and show us these things. We praise and honor You. Please humble us and give us the grace to have our hearts and minds purged of all corruption or the tendency to listen to it. Help us wholly surrender to You, Your ways, and Your will from this day forward. In Your Name we ask all these things, JESUS. Amen~

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