THIS GRAVE HOUR – Kim Chadwell

Kim Chadwell

Published on Apr 11, 2019

Prophetic Word 4-10-19 A message the the Holy People that persecution has begun and to prepare for the suddenly.

The Holy People must know their identity and also know the power of their position as a Holy Nation.
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Please listen to recording #110 which is the prophetic warning given exactly seven days before the super blood wolf moon.


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Kim Chadwell

11 April 2019

My People are you listening?
My People are you awake?
Many slumber in this grave hour.
Many feast, unknowing the famine.
There is laughter within the ranks while a war is raging!

My People are you listening?
My People are you awake?
My People do you hear?
My People do you see?

The enemy is moving, running, racing –
Do you see?
Do you hear?
Are you awake?

My People, who are called by my name, hear the battle cry!
My People hear the shout!
May People: see the lantern swaying in the wind!
A storm is coming!
A storm is coming!
Calamity is coming!
Are your lanterns prepared with extra oil?

Prepare! Prepare!
Prepare as my son Noah.
Prepare as My People, who knew the time to flee!
Prepare as My Holy who recognize the call of their God.

Many will scoff.
Many will laugh.
Many will kneel – pretending to be mine – but will fall as the storm comes!
I will strike the counterfeit as chaff.

My Holy know me.
My Holy see me.
My Holy are humble.
My Holy fear their God knowing the power of my right hand, lest I strike both my hands together and demand the proud to contest my power in My presence.

I call to My People: PREPARE!
I call to My People: Are you willing to be in the fight?

Though the enemy attacks you, though the enemy strikes your heel, through the enemy will persecute you, I will be with you. Though the enemy strips you, he can never take the brand HOLY from upon you.

Gather – Plan – Seek – Rent – Rake – Strip yourselves of likeness of the world.

When the darkness comes, I have decreed the HOLY may not be stripped of their life.
Naked you came and naked of the world you shall be. I detest the evil of this world.
Bathe, bathe yourselves in my Holy Word and the aroma of MY Holy in prayer shall reach my nostrils.

Wisdom you must have. The enemy is shrewd, but My Holy are fast-footed.
The enemy is coming to your door. Fight him with My Word.
The enemy has been set loose: do not fall in the pit that has been opened.

Rid sin from your life.
Rid idols from your life.
Rid bonds you have made with the world.

I am calling MY people nigh – I am calling MY People to hear this call to the HOLY!

I am with the HOLY and I will be with you always.

My Holy: The world shall change before your eyes.
When the suddenly arrives, I WILL INSTRUCT MY HOLY.

He who has ears let him hear.

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