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This cororavirus is a serious matter – An Obedient Sheep

This cororavirus is a serious matter

JAN 24, 2020 9:43 AM

Hello Jonathan,

I’ve been watching and reading 444 news for quite a while now, starting through Jeff Byerly’s page.  I don’t claim to be a prophet but I do have a gift that I believe that God has given me of a sense of things through the Holy Spirit of knowing before things happen.  I want to submit an experience I had back in 2016 and also 2009 of two specific events that happened.  Also I think this is important because of what is happening with this new coronavirus and the feeling I am getting about it.

Experience No. 1.

I will call myself ‘An Obedient Sheep’.  I don’t claim to have the gift of prophecy, but I know because of things the Lord has shown me personally over the years that He has given me a gift of ‘knowing’ things that will happen beforehand.

My first most ‘recent’ experience of an event was back in 2009, after we had lost our home in 2008.  We were living in a rent house in the Ozarks in Arkansas.  The property owner had another property down the road that we were doing some work on a cabin he had there.  I had started having feelings about a big storm coming.  There had been no warnings or anything, but one gift I do have is of seeing certain ‘movies’ and knowing of certain events in moves where the Holy Spirit has show me things that will happen in real time.

I kept seeing in limbs and sticks laying on the ground, things that resembled a ‘staff’ or a ‘walking stick’ from a movie, ‘The Storm of the Century’, where a massive storm hit the coast and trapped people for days.  It was actually a horror flic, but my point here is just certain things from within that movie that stood out to me.

I keep seeing this and more and more kept getting an urgent feeling that a ‘storm’ of some kind was approaching.  So much so that I told my husband that we needed to go to town and get some of our things we had in storage, water jugs, sleeping bags, etc., and go buy up alot of bottled water.  So we did just that.

A few days later, a major ice storm hit, and trapped many people in their homes.  We were without power for 8 days.  Thankfully the house we were in had a large wood stove, and we were able to heat and cook on the stove.  The sleeping bags proved to be of good use, because all we had was a water bed which was extremely cold without heat, and He told me to spread out a sleeping bag on the top and then sleep on it.  That worked beautifully.  It was amazing.

The night of the storm was very frightening and intense, it sounded like a war zone outside with trees snapping at the base, but God did not let one tree hit the home.  The road was blocked for days afterwards, lines down, some people were trapped for weeks.  It was by far the worst storm I had ever been in to this day.

Experience No. 2.

Back in 2016, I visited my brother in Shreveport, LA for a week, or had planned to be there a week.  While watching the weather channel, they kept talking about a big storm developing.  I started having that ‘feeling’ or I’d rather call it a ‘prompting’ to pay attention.  Each day it grew more urgent, until about the 5th day I felt the Lord telling me to go home.

This was more of an inconvenience, since my husband had driven me down to Little Rock, and my brother had driven up to pick me up there where we met.  So he had to get off work and we left 5 days after I had arrived early that morning.  It was a very ominous looking sky all the way up to Little Rock, but thankfully I felt like the Lord held off the weather until my brother and his wife safely got back home.  That night, Shreveport got hit with a 20 inch rainfall, massive flooding all over the parrish and damage everywhere.

That same night, I had a very vivid dream of a colorful sundog.  The next morning, my brother called me almost in a state of shock and told me what had happened even before we turned on the news.  That same evening, I saw a report on the news of a video some people had taken out of an airplane window, of a big beautiful sundog, which was ‘exactly’ what I had seen in my dream.  I know without a doubt it was a confirmation from the Lord to ‘pay attention’ every time He gives me a warning from then on.  And I have done so.

Why is this relevant?  Because I have a feeling or a sense or a prompting that this cororavirus is a serious matter.  I just read this morning that in October of last year, there was a huge military drill held in NYC of exactly the same thing:  a pandemic that they ‘estimated’ in this drill would kill up to 65 million people worldwide.  That same time, the movie ‘Contagion’ aired.  I had never seen it, so I felt led to record it.  And now, I see what is happening.  The same scenario, even starting in China.  So my inner spirit is telling me this could turn into a very serious thing and take it seriously.

Anyway, that is something I wanted to share.  I pray that everyone will seek the Holy Spirit and what God’s will is for their lives and stay awake.  We are living in exciting times, and things are really starting to happen.  God Bless!

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  1. Greg

    A little of subject but reveled to me that no man knows the day/hour of Christ’s coming because every day and hour we take up our cross and put on the mind or nature of Christ. It is gradual with many steps upwards until a completeness is breached that could be called a One big moment instantly transformed into an immortal state.

  2. Armando Felix

    Amen. Revival for some reason I feel right now I can sense it. OH LORD let your light so shine upon us that our Father in Heaven would be glorified. Amen 🙌🏼✝️🔥✝️🚨🚨🙏🙌🏼🔥🚨🙌🏼

  3. Anna

    do you mean coronavirus?

  4. Greg, what you describe isn’t Biblical, unless the breach you’re describing is death.

  5. Yes, I was talking about the new coronavirus. Look on Steve Quayles website, there is new information about the real numbers over there. This is already out of control.

  6. trisha

    Ya, been keeping any eye out on the wuhan virus too aka news articles. Don’t look good at all. Why do they call it sars 2.0? Why just before the chinese new year where millions of people are travelling to see loved ones?

    Then this


    Carriers may show no symptoms! I read that the incubation period might be 10-14 days before signs are shown, but it’s not conclusive yet. So still officially unknown at present.

    For some odd reason it reminded me of the ‘black plague’aka people dropping like flies.


    Prayers for the peoples there and worldwide.

    Hope I’m wrong tho. Peace.

  7. Joey Mayo

    The Coronavirus in the Torah Codes: https://youtu.be/MGL4mYJc5Q0

  8. Huafei Xing

    Since last year, God has put a desire in my heart to search the pattern of a round circle with a lot of hair around it. Such as the sun and its glory, a head and its hair, black hole and its No-hair theorem, etc.

    I understand that it’s a important puzzle concerning the six seal (the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair). I also found that a person can have 100,000-150,000 hairs on average. So 144,000 can be a number of bride’s hair, which is her glory and covering (1 Cor 11:15). The bride’s hairs are also need to be hidden (1 Cor 11:4-10). The bridegroom can also have hairs, which will be revealed instead of hidden.

    The coronavius’ shape is just like the pattern I have been studying. Just find it interesting and want to share.

  9. ivan dimitrov


  10. Rita

    Event 201 – Corona Virus Pandemic Exercise


    Foundation also funded group who owns virus patent and is funding research for a vaccine to stop it from spreading

    Meanwhile, on Oct. 18, 2019, also before the outbreak, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the World Economic Forum co-hosted an event in NYC where “policymakers, business leaders, and health officials” worked together on a simulated coronavirus outbreak.
    Titled the “Event 201” pandemic, the high-level pandemic exercise “dropped participants right in the midst of an uncontrolled coronavirus outbreak that was spreading like wildfire out of South America to wreak worldwide havoc.”
    “In the simulation, CAPS (the coronavirus) resulted in a death toll of 65 million people within 18 months,” according to John Hopkins University.

    “Event 201= Agenda 21”
    January 22/20 – “Wuhan Virus: WHO holds on decision to declare Global Health Emergency”
    January 20/20 – “Vaccine for new Chinese coronavirus in the works”
    January 7/20 – “Bodies in unexpected places. Hospital morgues full in Ottawa, union says”
    October 2019- “Event 201- Corona Virus Pandemic Exercise”
    2019 – “Vaccine ENFORCERS to forcibly inject your children AT GUNPOINT”
    You must know about the ID2020 alliance/ Mark of the Beast 666/ Combined with vaccines”
    Contagion – Where Reality and Hollywood Collide
    October 2018- “Over 80,000 Americans Died of Flu Last Winter, Highest Toll in Years”

    August 2017 – “Canadian government asks funeral homes to prep for pandemic”
    August 2016- “Wipe Out Humans – Bill Gates – Vaccines are “Best Way” to Depopulate Planet”
    February 2016- “Agenda 21 – ZIKA Virus – Mandatory Vaccination”
    November 2007- “Vaccinations at Gunpoint in a Brave New Orwellian World”
    Did a Military Experimental Vaccine in 1918 Kill 50-100 Million People Blamed as “Spanish Flu”?


  11. Bo Han

    Absolute nutter!

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