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Things You Thought Are Real, Are Not

December 5, 2023 2:17 PM

We do not have the abundance of time that you feel is left. Time is short, limited and will be fleeting faster and faster. What you feel is abundant, is not. Take every moment and appreciate the time you have. Soon your reality changes and becomes what you would never expect. Things you thought were real, are not, and things you thought are fairy tales will emerge as reality. Grasp on to the only truth you can rely one, I Am. For I will be there to help you find your way to my kingdom if asked.

Is something real just because you were taught it a certain way? Is it real because it is what most people believe?
What would happen if reality were not at all what you think and believe? What if reality has been hidden from us for many centuries? What is real to one person may not be real to the next. One’s mind needs to be pliable and open to new concepts and ideas to fully grasp what most think, as an improbability. Open your mind to what you have not seen or heard in the past for there are frontiers of knowledge waiting to be understood, as true reality. Man cannot be counted on for most are of the flesh and not of the spirit. Open your mind and soul for new understandings as all changes, in front of you.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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