Things will not be the same as my judgements will reign – daughteroftheLord

Things will not be the same as my judgements will reign.

April 17, 2020 12:00 PM

Words received in prayer on 1/28/20-1/29/20 when praying on confirmation on how much time is left until the Anti-Christ is revealed…

My daughter,

The things you ask about are here at the door waiting to start when the Democrats take the floor. The time has come for events to take place that will cause many to race to the stores in desperation of more to store. Do not waste another minute or hesitate anymore because calamities are at the door.

As the virus continues to spread many will panic in fear and dread. Don’t let your emotions rule and seek me for all the tools. I have prepared a way for those of mine to be protected from the crime against humanity in this day. 

For my blood washes over you and will protect you from all that they do to harm you. The preparations are to keep you from the chaos that will take place at a fast pace.

The economy will start to fall when they call a national emergency over all. Many will be led astray in the coming days due to the lack of faith in me and ignoring the signs that come from thee.

If you seek me now you will find all you need to know about my bible prophecies as they unfold. Things that were told in my word long ago will repeat (he said will repeat twice) again to show the Great I Am is in control.

The plagues will return and cause havoc in this year in diverse places and many will be filled with fear. Things will not be the same as my judgements will reign. It is important to remain in me regardless of all that you will see. For the Great I Am is your refuge and strength that will endure to any length.

Many come in my name to proclaim all is well which is a lie from the pit of hell. Pay attention to the things you will see surrounding the land of Israel where my prophecies will be filled in zeal.

The countries that surround Israel with hatred in their heart will come against the land of the free when you least expect thee. Stay alert and watch with your oil lamps full in your heart and you will see things coming from the start.

I share these things and warnings from above to all of my people that I love. You shall know what time it is if you are truly awake and see past all of the propaganda that is fake.

Know that my word does not return void so search in my scriptures for all things you seek and that is where we will always meet.


Your Heavenly Father

Received by: DaughteroftheLord


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