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Things To Come In The Days Ahead – MJ

Things To Come In The Days Ahead

September 21, 2020 10:30 AM


After spending time in prayer, The Father has laid some things on my heart that I felt worth sharing. I feel the Holy Spirit is showing us some things to come in the days ahead. I have listed them below:

-Trump gone, whether in a staged manner or real manner is not clear.

-Their Phoenix character Obama returning.

-Trump MAGA supporters taking up arms against BLM, for this has been the new World Order’s plan.

-Massive civil war between gun-owning Americans defending their lives against anarchists and nihilists.

-The radical Left destroying itself. Satan hates them even though he is using them. The devil eats his own young just the same.

-America over.

-Everyone who gets a common cold will be labeled as COVID infected. Much more fear propaganda that will drive people to beg for the vaccine.

-Dark winter with no power grid.

-Great reset with new 5G grid.

-People being controlled by their smart phones synching with new 5G power grid and vaccine nanotechnology inside of them. People becoming robotic and less human, easily controlled with no spirituality left in them. Walking around but in a trance state. Their every movement being tracked and controlled.

-No more humanity with smiling faces, just masked robots doing what they are told.

-Coming “alien from outer space” deception when the fallen entities begin to manifest.


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