Things the enemy has stolen will soon be returned – Victoria Ang

Things the enemy has stolen will soon be returned

Victoria Ang

Prophetic dream:

In this dream I found myself outside this unknown house. I was made known things of mine that had been stolen were inside this house. So I went in and found a bunch of people on the downstairs floor. I confronted one of the people about returning my belongings. She acted real sweet towards me, but I knew she was just putting on an act. And I told her she wasn’t fooling me! I saw a glass cabinet and some of my things missing where in this cabinet. So I opened the cabinet and pulled them out. The others started to gather around me saying the things were theirs not mine. But I stood my ground that the items belonged to me, not them.And then they scattered.

I was made know there was a room upstairs that I had to go into to retrieve the rest of my belongings . So I walked up the stairs and stood outside the door. I was made known I could not enter this particular room unless an unknown man ( God) was with me. I looked and saw him standing right next to me but he did not say a word the whole time. I felt no fear at all. Knowing it was alright to enter I did so. The room was COMPLETELY dark. Only the light shining from this man lite up areas in the room. As I looked around I saw a group of individuals that were gathered around what looked like a goat ,but an enlarged head ( baphomet ) they were in some type of ritual that I could not see clearly. I looked around the room and off to the side on a table ,was a small replica that looked exactly like myself. I grabbed it and rushed out of the room. And slammed the door going out . I ran down the steps of the house and out the door. But I could see and hear them following behind me. They started to throw thousands of spears in my direction . But not a one hit me. There was a truck outside with the door wide open. So I went to the passengers side and got in. Feeling safe .All the time the spears where flying in every direction but I was not hurt by any of them.

The dream ended.

Interpretation :

Things that have been stolen by the enemy will soon be returned. The downstairs represents what we can do here on earth by taking power and authority over the tactics of the enemy. The second floor represents a higher level of the occult that can ONLY be entered under the power , guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit to remain protected. And cannot be done safely without him . Letting his light shine the way to guide and direct ones steps. Slamming the door shut on the way out represents the enemy can NO LONGER have access to steal , kill or destroy. The open door represents the protection under his wings and the truck symbolizes when God is on the move and at work on our behalf , we cannot be harmed by the fiery darts the enemy tries to throw our way to destroy !


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