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May 15, 2021 7:10 PM

Dear brothers and sisters,
This word may be a little lengthy, but please track with me as I take you through several pieces the Lord has provided for me to share with you today. FYI, ‘Rhema’ is a message the Holy Spirit has spoken word for word.

March 31/2021

My vision was very simple: I saw a large funnel. Although I couldn’t see through it, I knew that there were multiple levels in it as well as invisible doors off to its side. Here’s what the Lord downloaded into my spirit regarding this vision. The people of the earth are being poured in through its top, wide mouth. As they fall into it, they will suffer several tests. At any point in time, they can exit this funnel through its side -if they choose the way of the enemy. But if they choose to endure, they will continue to be tested and refined until they will come out the bottom pure and holy, without blemish, without stain.

This funnel is a physical representation of what is happening in the spiritual realm. Satan has the people of the world believing the lie that the vaccine is the solution to the ‘pandemic’. Many have taken/will take this jab believing that, by obeying all the rules, their life will return to normal. But it’s a deadly trap. Although they may feel that they have made the right choice, soon they will discover the opposite is true because Satan is after destroying all of God’s creation and especially the people of God. Those who have refused to take this vaccine, their time of roaming the earth freely is almost up. Soon Satan is going to step up his game by coming after us with stronger means trying to persuade us. Brothers and sisters, let’s remain fastened to the Lord, come what may, holding on to Jesus now more than ever.

Rhema: “Watch as I sweep through the nations, as I continue to press the people through my Holy Funnel, as I continue my filtering, my sieving, as I remove your idols. As I begin my sifting to test the hearts of my people who claim to know me, to depend on me for their daily provisions. Will they still rely on me when they’ll be faced with the decision of losing their jobs for not taking the vaccine? Will they rely on their companies to provide what they need? Or will they bend their knees to me and recognize I AM the only one who can save them and provide for them not only their daily physical bread but also their spiritual bread. For if they choose to rely on Satan’s plan for them, they will eat of his bread and will pay for their disobedience for not trusting in their God.”

May 14/2021
Prophetic word and rhema.


As I interceded over this word to gain more understanding, the Lord laid it strong on my heart that our enemies are coming. But before that, His supernatural, heavy infilling of the Holy Spirit will precede. The Lord wants us, His church, to pray for a great measure of His Holy Spirit’s FIRE to be released. He gave me understanding that the coming persecution is going to be intense, off-the-charts wicked. We are urged, therefore, to call upon the Lord for His great outpouring so we may be able to endure. We are surrounded by SPIRITUAL WARFARE and much stronger warfare is coming. I have mentioned this before, but I will say it again, we cannot pray these calamities away, neither can we fight this off with physical weapons. Gear up with the Lord’s armour. Ask the Lord for His immeasurable outpouring of His Spirit and you will be given supernatural peace and strength.
The Holy Spirit is going to give us an impartation of POWER, BOLDNESS and a greater level of AUTHORITY that none of our adversaries will be able to contend. The Lord is calling His church to wrestle like Jacob, to not let Him go until we have received His special anointing. He said to go into your UPPER ROOMS and pray unceasingly. Rebuke any distraction, focus on the Lord. Block out all external voices. Focus on the Lord. His remnant is the apple of His eye. Not Satan, nor his demonic principalities will be able to touch God’s anointed ones.

Rhema: Satan is provoking me to anger by attacking Israel first. The kings of the earth think they are in charge and they’re mocking me. Even if you end up in the valley of the shadow of death, DO NOT FEAR, because nothing will happen to my chosen ones. They are about to be rounded up, as I allow this to further test the hearts of all people. DO NOT BE AFRAID because I am going to uphold you in the palm of my hand. DO NOT BE AFRAID. DO NOT BE AFRAID, my children. I am raising up my army, my glorious army and the whole world will know them.

By my power the earth was created and by my power the earth will be destroyed. The Earth is mine and I am a jealous God. Nothing happens without my command. You’re about to be rounded up. You’re about to be rounded up. DO NOT FEAR, my children.

My sheep know my voice. Ask yourselves ‘do you hear the voice of the Good Shepherd?’ If you don’t, ask me to speak to your heart, do not delay. People are going to see who my true remnant is, when I perform my work through them, when my glory is revealed in them. You will receive POWER when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you will be MY WITNESSES to the ends of the earth.

This is the hour of REPENTANCE. Drop everything and come before the Lord. Soon the Lord will unleash a mighty shaking for everything that can be shaken. No silver nor gold will be able to save in those days. The only refuge is found in the Lord, God Almighty. Turn to Him while there’s still time.

May 15/2020

Here’s what I got:
We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way. We’re all prodigals until we come back to the Father. We need to stay plugged into the vine to receive Jesus’ electrifying surge of His Spirit.

Then the Lord switched my attention to Queen Esther’s story. Haman’s wicked plan was to annihilate the Jews. Satan’s plan is the annihilation of the Lord’s creation and especially of His children. Satan has already launched his plan of global genocide while in pursuit of God’s people. But the Lord has placed His ‘Esthers’ here for ‘such a time as this’. The Lord is raising up His army, His warrior bride. The Father said to remove all your addictions so you may hear His voice. Haman wanted Mordecai to bow down to him, just like the Antichrist is going to demand that all people bow down and worship him. We’re living in the End Times and the prophecy in Revelation must be fulfilled before Satan will be bound for the 1000 years and eventually cast into the lake of fire. While Satan’s plan moves forward, the Lord is going to use the calamities/persecution to purify His bride and bring in His harvest. Don’t take your eyes off God’s plan. Just like the Lord used Esther, an orphan, and lifted her to a royal position, so He will do to His people.

Then the Lord started talking to me about concentration camps. He said if you find yourself in one of these, know that the Lord has a greater purpose for you there. Don’t take your eyes off the prize: we’re in the Lord’s army to assist in bringing in His harvest. The Lord reminded me of a vision I had in October/2020, in which I found myself in a military truck. I saw 5 men dressed in full military gear including artillery- 2 sitting beside me, 3 across from me. I told the Lord, ‘No, please do not bring me there. Father answered and said, ‘what are you afraid of? Don’t you remember that greater is He who is in you then he who is in the world.’ I am not sure if this was a personal vision, but I need to tell you, if this ends up being you, do what Elisha did and ask the Lord to open your spiritual eyes that you may see the angelic army the Lord will have placed around these camps. Some of you will be martyred for your faith, but many others will be saved and brought to His lampstands. The Lord kept highlighting not to fear. If we’re still alive, He still has a purpose for us here on earth. DO NOT take your eyes off of Him and DO NOT try to make sense with your physical mind. Just TRUST in the Lord with ALL your heart. The lampstands the Lord has prepared are places of refuge where the name of the Lord will be lifted high all day long. The Lord will lead many people here and His word will be preached to many new converts. These places will be fully equipped in terms of food/supplies and for the ministry until the Lord will return in His clouds of glory and take us all home.

1 Cor. 2:7 mentions of a secret wisdom that has been hidden and that God destined for our glory which we can access through His Holy Spirit.

The Lord is renewing His invitation to come into the secret place and discover His secret wisdom as we develop our intimacy with the Father. The Word of God tells us, in Proverbs 9:10, that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. We have to understand who God is before we can understand His wisdom. God is the Creator of the Universe; he is Majestic, powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing, the Ancient of Days, infinite, our Daddy. When we come into this intimate fellowship with Him, we absorb more of Him and who He is -His infinite love, mercy, compassion. There are so many levels to these characteristics. It’s an amazing thing to get to know the Father. He has not changed. Our God does not sleep nor slumber. All the things He did from of old are going to happen again. We’re all going to witness His glory through the many amazing miracles that are going to be manifested in this new era. Stay close to Him, following in Jesus’ footsteps, listening and obeying closely to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Rev.12:11 They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.

Please pray and intercede over this word. God bless you all in the Wonderful name of Jesus, Our Beloved Saviour.

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