They will drink their own cup! – Kristina Heuken-Goossen

They will drink their own cup!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Kristina Heuken-Goossen


Hello my dears!

I really had some tough days and
today I’m back on Victory Lane!
This is an incredibly good feeling, it
shows –
if GOD is not
around , then you feel incomprehensibly lost!

Test the Best!

Yes, it feels like the
last tests are done for the big time!
The announced time!

And today, in prayer, I received the following word:

MY beloved child,
hear the word of the LORD, Lord!

Thus saith the LORD:

the days are not far off now,
and I let everything come in!

let me see what you have announced!
So many of your brothers and sisters call!

Oh you foolish children!

Do not
you know, did not you hear it, did not
you hear
how cruel the days will be?

So she does not long for it!
But I let you see,
how I act on those
who mocked you and played badly!

And even that happens through MY
great grace and love!
For MY rights will humble them
and throw their injustice in the face!
They will have to drink their own cup!

But do not laugh that day,
but pray and plead for her,
so that they can still be saved!

Because time is short
and already beckons the big evil!
Be ready MY children
and know:

The cup that
I give each of you –
the drink –


When reading again …
goose bumps!

Matthew 26: 39 + 42

And he went a little way, fell on his face, and prayed, saying,
My father, if it be possible, let this cup go from me;
not as I want, but as you like.

The next time he went back, prayed, and said, “My father, is it not possible
for this cup to go from me, for
I drink it; so do your will.

Brothers and sisters,
let us be well prepared!


German version can be found here 


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