They Will All Become Passe – Brian Ethier

They Will All Become Passe

January 12, 2021 12:00 PM
Brian Ethier

Just traditions of men the gods with eyes that do not see,
And it is by them The Creator, they rouse His jealousy;
Putting their hopes in idols with ears that simply cannot hear,
Never grasping that is is Father Yahuah, He is the One to fear.

The objects have a mouth but not a single word can they speak,
Why won’t they sometimes even get out a little shriek?
The fabrications have legs so how come they never step,
For entities so well decorated they sure don’t have much pep.


Many will not even realize, it’ll come as a big surprise,
But in the end no one will despise the glorious new sunrise;
For it will be the final end of all that is risque,
At long last, the days of delusion, they will all become passe.

The man-made creations have arms but how come they never wave?
They surely don’t do much for an entity that is so brave;
So can the things perform any miracles or answer any prayers?
Then they certainly do lack power for such grand connoisseurs.


At long last, the days of delusion, they will all become passe,
They will all become passe, they will all become passe!

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