They stayed ESTRANGED from me – Janet Lynn

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They stayed ESTRANGED from me

November 7, 2022 10:50 AM
Janet Lynn

Received November 7th, 2022

The truth about Revelation 21:8– the ‘Fearful’ and ‘Unbelieving–’ and why they will depart to the Lake of Fire, and go through the ‘second death.’

“Because they didn’t come out of ‘the first death’ Janet, and be re-conformed back into MY image– they stayed ‘in’ and ‘with–’ the spirits of *Fear and *Unbelief–
They stayed ESTRANGED from me.

They feared satan, and honored doubt in their hearts, MORE THAN BELIEF and REVERENCE to me, the ALMIGHTY GOD.”

If you are going around and around, asking the same questions, or venting the same comments, or making the same exasperated pleas of prayer requests to everyone under the sun, over and again–

You have not become resolute in Christ yet, or your faith, or standing firmly upon the Word of God.

In order to grow, and advance in Christ, which is your walk with him through his refinement process…

You must BELIEVE HE IS GOD, and His word is True, and He is all you need; then, you must STAND FIRMLY, and not anything, or anyone else can persuade you to COWER, or DOUBT Him– NOT EVEN YOURSELF, ‘especially’ NOT YOURSELF.

Meaning– the ‘old man’ nature, not remaining, or coming into ‘the New Creature,’ the new creation, the newly reformed– in Christ, and REMAINING THERE– abiding in him, with him, and by him.

“Doubt, within people, is rampant in the body of Christ right now; it is trying times, yes– but all the more reason to remain steadfast, enduring, and resolute about my Word and character child.

If my children are running to others all the time, they are trusting in ‘others,’ and the power of others– and not me; this is a tragic situation to be in, when it is The Last Days.

If my children are right now panicking about ‘today’s’ situations coming at them, and what suffering I have asked them to endure for me– they will fall in the days to come, and How Great the Fall will be. (Matt. 7:27)

I wish to reiterate to my children through you right now, that they MUST remain in my WORD– and they MUST BELIEVE IT– which is me child.

You see, many read the scriptures as if they are figurative, and not literal at all; if they cannot believe it is literal– how do they LITERALLY expect me to get them to Heaven someday??

Scripture is here for you to gain strength, knowledge of God, and help in times of trouble; if they do not know it, they will perish, for it is the first bedtime stories I gave to my children, to raise them up ‘in the way.’

Times are coming where the Word of God will be A DEARTH IN THE LAND– yes, it will not be available, and furthermore, those that KNOW ME, and ‘IT,’ will be in SHORT SUPPLY, as people run to and fro– searching for the truth, and what to do.

They NEED TO BE READING MY WORD with a ‘ravenous’ appetite right now!

Did you know child, that the Bible is a *Guidebook, one designed to teach you my ‘fundamentals,’ my preliminary attributes, lessons and future warnings of what is to come– to ‘convert you’ into my image, and *prepare you to join me and know what is to come.

But child, it’s not a guidebook ONLY– IT’S AN ‘application’ BOOK of guidance; it’s LIVING, and it MUST BE ‘applied’ to actually GET ‘into’ you.

They were drafted into an army of souls, into my Kingdom when they accepted me into their hearts, and as their King and Master, their God and Savior.

A private, captain, specialist in an army– OBEYS, and DOES NOT STRAY.

Signs of still running one’s own roost, or self, or kingdom within, is DOUBTING I am who I said I was, that I will do what I said I will do, scoffing at believing I will come through for them– and becoming negative, contrary, despondent, catatonic essentially– spiritually.

That’s the ‘death’ spirit honey, and it keeps them tied to it, and estranged from THE SPIRIT OF LIFE; many entertain satan more than they even FIGHT WITHIN TO REMAIN ‘in me.’

And remember what I said, YOU MUST REMAIN IN ME.

John 15:7

“If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, you shall ask what you will, and it shall be done to you.”

(Abide in me means– accept or act in accordance with a rule, decision, or recommendation, continue without fading or being lost, Old English ābīdan ‘wait’, from ā- ‘onwards’.)

So, you see child, one must CONTINUE IN
acting in accordance with MY RULE, DECISIONS, without FADING or BEING LOST– they must ‘wait onwards,’ with me.

One must actually be ‘turning to me’ in all ways, and my true servants WILL ALWAYS– turn my other children TO ME, and help them to ‘reconcile’ with me, in their hearts, coming against ALL THAT LIVES WITHIN THOSE HEARTS, that is ‘set against the knowledge of God.’

That means– all the funk inside that human heart, that doubts, slanders, scoffs, rolls eyes at, does not believe– that my scripture clearly states about me, my way, and my promises to fulfill– MUST ACTUALLY BE FOUGHT AGAINST, as to ‘not remain’ in you all.

I do not mince words, or understate that the ‘fearful and unbelieving’ will go to hell separation from me; this is because the SOUL FIGHT is what it is all about, AFTER, one has received my Spirit to reform them.

My SPIRIT– is ENOUGH; but one must REVERENCE THE LEADING OF MY SPIRIT, and obey, and BELIEVE and not entertain the spirit of Doubt– KICK IT OUT, THROW IT DOWN from that ‘enthroned’ place inside.

If they do not reform, if they do not believe in me and trust wholeheartedly in me, in who I say I am, and what I say I am doing, and will do…

They still have satan on their heart throne, meaning– they ‘fear’ or ‘honor’ him and his doubts, unbelief, scoffing, negative ways, and without a total turnaround inside, which is ‘reformation–’ they will not make it home to me.

Because they didn’t make it ‘to me’ in this life; they remained ‘abiding in’ satan, his ways of unbelief and doubt– slandering me and my way, and my holiness.

They did not ‘come out from them,’ the evil speaking spirits that they hear– CLEARER THAN ME, inside of them.

Does that make sense dear; if they ‘still hear’ satan’s words, feelings, doubts, and unbelief…STRONGER THAN ME…

They have not submitted to me in their hearts, and they are not DISCIPLINING THEMSELVES, by my Word, or by their character development in the Spirit of Life.

One must believe I am who I say I am…
That I will do what I said I do…

Otherwise, they will stay on satan’s path of destruction; satan’s path of destruction– starts WITHIN THE HEART OF MAN– and if it is not *ARRESTED, it will continue on, with them until it reaches its destination, DRAGGING THEM WITH HIM: Hell, and then the Lake of Fire.

All because their true ‘god,’ is leading them there, and the FIGHT NOT AGAINST HIM, inside.

Tell them, if they truly wish to abide in me, they must actually know my Word, eat my Word, BECOME–
MY WORD ‘inside’ of themselves: this is the reformation process of ‘old nature,’ corrupt and twisted– unto the New Creation ‘in Christ Jesus–’ YaH’shua Hamashiach.

That ‘is’ the reformation process– reconforming them into my image and likeness, where satan once did all the FORMATION TO THEIR ‘character’ AND THEIR HEART BELIEFS, and their *actions.


Actions PROVE, what is that acceptable will of God, and ONLY IF YOU KNOW MY WORD, do you know my perfect will, because you are BEING LED OF ME, REMAINING LOYAL TO ME, REMAINING IN BELIEF, and REMAINING IN TRUTH.

When one stops talking to me…
hearing me answer in their hearts…
stops reading my Word…
stops listening to my other children that know me…
keep believing ‘I only do that for them,’ and essentially ‘give up’ on me…
Give up on themselves and their eternal souls–

The destination they will end up– is not with me.

For in truth– they did not ‘stand with me,’ or ‘on me,’ or IN ME– my Word.

The Living Word of God must be consumed, to become a part of you that reforms you, speaks to you, tells you who I am, what I’m doing, where we are heading, and gives you EXAMPLE AFTER EXAMPLE, of how I got my ‘other’ children from point A– to point B, and saved them, and upheld them.

Warn them again– DOUBT and UNBELIEF kills and leads one to separation from me– and why??

Because if one ‘chooses to,’ and yes, that’s right child, it’s a choice to remain ignorantly rebellious to doing what is right…

They CHOOSE to ‘not believe,’ and they ‘choose to’ be FEARFUL, and DISAPPOINTED IN *ME, because
‘life doesn’t go their way–’ and they are forced to suffer and sacrifice… (which I said they would have to endure)

So they RUN FROM ME, are angry ‘at me,’ because I don’t *SERVE THEM; this generation is adulterous and wicked.

It seeks to ‘be served,’ and not to GIVE ALL, AND SERVE ME, in sufferings and sacrifice, nor be conformed to MY IMAGE.

So, those that WILL NOT DISCIPLINE THEMSELVES IN MY WORD, and in OBEDIENCE TO ME, have chosen to ‘remain’ in the *error tree– NEVER LIVING IN, Never abiding in…The Tree of *LIFE.

Life– is me, and I can only bring them into ETERNAL ‘Life,’ if they actually ‘choose me,’ and CHOOSE TO FIGHT TO REMAIN ‘IN ME,’ with me.

I told you, the battle is to CONTEND FOR THE FAITH– which means…’contend to TRUST ME,’ over and over and over again.

‘the old man,’ that if not KICKED OFF THAT HEART THRONE, will remain there, keeping them on the path of satan– through Unbelief and Doubt, and Offense against ‘me.’

One must TRUST ME– over anyone else.
One must KNOW ME– better than anyone else.
One must HONOR ME– more than self, or anyone else.
One must OBEY ME– no matter how difficult or dark.
One must KNOW ME– and become ‘disciplined’ IN ME.

One must ‘abide’ in me– not any other spirit.

Yes child, those are all ‘spirits’ that remain in the people– doubt and unbelief, and offense.

They are actually NOT FORGIVING ME, for ‘perceived’ slights– when they scoff at others getting breakthroughs, and not them…..’yet.’

When they doubt I will do it for them, because they entertain an orphan (which is estranged) spirit within still, they remain deceived by the spirit of Doubt– which is definitely not of me.

You see, I EXPECT YOU ALL WILL DO THE DILIGENT WORK to ‘rid’ the demonic attributes, conversations within, and actions of all that ‘sets itself against me–’ IN YOU.

YOU ALL, are the only ones that can HELP ME– CLEAN ‘our house temple’ OUT OF DEMONS and their OPERATIONS– to allow me to ‘really’ INDWELL, ALL THE HEART AREAS, that satan once sat on.

YOU HAVE TO ‘will’ to be STRONG IN ME, and ‘will’ to BE RESOLUTE according to ALL SCRIPTURE STATES of ME, and MY WAY, and MY PROMISE to my children.




YOU MUST ‘discipline yourself’ and GAIN MY ATTRIBUTES, letting them ‘breathe’ and BECOME YOU– to beat satan and be reformed into my image.

DO NOT GIVE UP FIGHTING– it will save your eternal souls, and BRING YOU HOME TO ME…

If you do not ‘quit me.’

If you do not ‘abandon me,’ and the HOPE THAT IS ANCHORED IN ME; I am faithful, and I will restore, and redeem and SAVE.

I promised it, over and again.

I love you all– DO NOT GIVE UP THE FIGHT, and DO NOT ‘estrange yourselves’ from me.”

Your Father and Your Savior– through the Word of God.



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