They sleep. Unable to watch one hour with me – Krystal Beall

They sleep. Unable to watch one hour with me

Jan 17, 2020
Krystal Beall

Last night in my dream JESUS was walking down these stairs. It was dark. Very dark. There were two men who appeared in the street. They saw Him immediately and ran over to meet him on the stairs. They ran up about 3 steps and after greeting JESUS walked the last few steps with him. The men were happy to see him. Elated even. They were crying and he was reassuring them that he loved them and they were alright. JESUS was not seen by anyone else it seemed. These two men were talking with JESUS about the destruction. It must come to pass JESUS said to them. It is passing. These men hugged JESUS and he ( JESUS) wiped their tears. They continued to walk with the LORD a few steps. All others in the dream seemed to be oblivious. “Candles” I heard JESUS say as to me….You have seen...”They sleep. Unable to watch one hour with me. Nothing new under the sun….What was is again” I felt CHRIST looking right at me at this point of the dream. His eyes were red from weeping. I saw pain and love. I saw blood pour from the crown of thorns on His head and run down his face. In an instant the crown of thorns became the most beautiful crown I have ever seen( though I tell JESUS I love His crown of thorns…(Just something I have always told him when expressing my love and worship to Him). Crown of GLORY. Indescribable.

That’s where it ended and I awoke. I love you LORD JESUS CHRIST beyond measure. I loved you story to me…Your word about the heart and rocks. I loved it in fact. I loved you illustration. I watch in love and awe as you filled the heart in the sand with rocks. Heart of stone…. Amazing LORD. Like you.✝️👑

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  1. Tim Wyman

    To all,

    PLEASE read what Krystal has received from the Lord. Do you not perceive the truth therein? Do you not sense the URGENCY? The words written here summarize many different verses from numerous books of the Bible. I could add a few myself because they all apply – “They all walk about in darkness”; “Awaken o’ ye sleeper”; “Shall I not have mercy on the 120,000 men of Nineveh who know not their right hand from their left?”; and Jesus to the would-be disciple, “Let the dead bury the dead.”

    Let he that have ears hear.

    A brother.

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