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They say “ We will make America great again!” But I say “ I will destroy it in one hour!” – Melissa Hall

Melissa Hall

I received this message from the Lord this morning and He wanted me to share it with you♥️

Received October 10, 2018

My Child, listen to the words that I speak to you this day. Many are not listening to what I say. I warn and warn. But they fall on deaf ears. I try and get them to understand the urgency of these times we are in. But they will not listen. They are not concerned. They say “ We will make America great again!” But I say “ I will destroy it in one hour!”

All your riches will come crumbling down. Everything that you have worked for with that hard earned money, will be turned to naught. “Nothing!” I say. For you have not sought the Lord thy God and have turned your backs on Me. You say in your hearts “We don’t need Him. We have the wisdom and knowledge to be our own gods.” My heart breaks at such foolishness.

You have been deceived. I am the Only One True God. And those so called gods you worship will bow down to My feet. As I have said “ Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.”

Many will cry. They will want to go back and change their ways on Judgment Day. They will beg. They will plead. But they had made their choice to worship them “self” not Me.
Don’t I love them? Yes, For I created them. They were made to fellowship and worship Me.

For I knew from the beginning of time who would make that choice. Who would let Me in their hearts? Who would let Me love them and be their King? And I never left them. I gave each of them opportunities to choose Me. I spoke to their hearts but they “the doors” were closed. I cried and pleaded “Come back to Me! I love you!”

But they could not hear. The world was calling out too loudly to them. The enticements. The riches. The freedom they think they have. The knowledge. The power.
Satan has given them their hearts desire. But at what a cost? They think they are in control. But they are sadly mistaken. The demons only play the part. And at the greatest deception.

But, the time will come when all is said and done. That they will stand before Me. It will be a harsh reality when I have to turn them away. For their fate is sealed. There is no going back. No more time is left.

I gave them many chances. They had a choice. Each one of you will have a chance to hear the truth and make that choice. That eternal choice.

For once you choose Me, you will Forever be Mine. Even if you fall away. I will bring you back to Me. I will not lose a single one of My sheep. For I know you. I know what it takes to bring you back to Me. I know your hearts. I know your strengths and your weaknesses. All your flaws. I know all the things you have done in the past and all the things you will do in the future. And I still love you.

I chose you. I have called you by Name. I formed you in the womb. I breathed life into you. You are Mine. My spirit lives inside you. I will teach you My ways. I will mold you as clay. I will make you into that woman or man that I have called you to be.

And all I ask is that you choose Me.


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