They know not what is to come… – Angela Garcia


They know not what is to come…

March 2, 2022 5:19 AM
Angela Garcia

I AM EL SHADDAI my words are to be shared for the refreshment of the souls…

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Pray for discernment

Daughter write my words…Words of the Lord! I AM who I say I AM, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end…

El Shaddai, lover of your soul. Daughter who do they say I AM? They know me NOT! Still they seek me NOT, Love me NOT! I AM the Almighty El Shaddai and they care not to seek, love and be in my presence! Much will change and on their knees they will be crying. When I need an Army! Sorrow now that is the time. Armor up daily! I’m building my Army, will they be strong enough? They know not what is to come…Their hearts cannot take what is to come. They do not come to the living waters to refresh. I give peace and refreshment but they seek not what I give. Have I not said seek me while I may be found? Repent for the kingdom is at hand?! Now is that time, we are in those days! Share my words for ears to hear I AM El Shaddai my words are to be shared for the refreshment of the souls that are lost loving this corrupt soon to be desolate world! We are not of this world child! The sooner they realize that the sooner they seek their purpose all for my Glory ♥️

Soon much changes structures everywhere.


Your bridegroom

El Shaddai

Jesus Messiah

The great I AM


Genesis 1:1, Rev. 1:8

Matthew 7:23

Jeremiah 29:13

Ecclesiastes 3:4

Ephesians 6, II Kings 6:16

Luke 21:26, John 4:10

Isaiah 55:6, Matthew 3:2

2 Timothy 3:1-5, John 14:6

Proverbs 20:12, Rev. 18:4

Genesis 17:1, Esther 4:14

Isaiah 43:7

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