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They do not know me as they claim – Karen Newberry

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They do not know me as they claim

November 18, 2022 3:32 PM
Karen Newberry

After prayer on 11/17/2022 at 9:45am I heard the lord speak and began to write. I have prayed about this word to the lord and this morning I feel he wants me to release it now. I want to thank the lord for speaking to me because I am simply a nobody and new to this. But I will be obedient to the lord. even if it’s hard for me to release..I give Jesus the glory. The scripture the lord lead me to was Isaiah chapter 24:20-21

here is the word:

Daughter write,

They know what they do, wickedness rules this world. They take me out of it for their own selfish needs, they are self pleasers Who lack wisdom and understanding I say they need to REPENT for time is short They do not know me as they claim

I AM a jealous god They think I don’t anger that I am only of love I say WAKE UP my children and read my word, there you will find truth There you will find who I am Come to me all who labor and you will find rest

I heal the sick, I see the poor, I see all the ones who are suffering A sparrow does not under go me I see all things

Why do ye doubt me?
Have I not shown you enough?
Is MY BLOOD not enough?

Mountains will part and be thrown to and fro, many don’t believe of these things they think it is made up because their eyes have not seen, I say your eyes are going to see more than you could ever imagine

Many mock my name, what will you do when you see me? Is that what it’s going to take for you to believe? But I tell you your heart better be right before you stand before me, I love each of my children and wish none to perish

My path is narrow and many choose to not walk it because it requires faith and obedience
I come quickly for those that are watching will know

The season is now

All will see me in the clouds with a shout it will be no surprise, there will be many welling and weeping for their hearts and minds have failed them
Children pray daily ask for repentance to be counted worthy to escape what is to come upon your dark nation

America you are done, your sins are filth, they reach my nostrils and I weep daily for my children, I see the abuse,I see the murders,I see the rituals, Satan your days are numbered

Soon many will see who they are following and it is not I the lord

Many false teachers are speaking of revival, where in my word have I spoke of revival in the last days
Cast down the enemy for his lies are deep, guard your ears and eyes for they bring in destruction
They allow evil spirits into the body

Watch for me, seek me daily for I AM at the door
Grace daughter is almost up, time is no more
Upon my hand I will cause the rock to fall, many will perish your government will not let you know for they don’t even know

For in time all will see this rock, panic will arise
Nowhere will be safe, the enemy will be everywhere
Abide in me there is where you will be safe
Read my word and prepare, for the time of darkness is here.

Love abba,

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