They do not Hear from Me – Lasttrumpet08 

They do not Hear from Me – Lasttrumpet08

December 03, 2018

Many do not Hear from Me for themselves and that is why they are confused and deceived. I Am not A God of Confusion, satan confuses and deceives. He is the father of all lies, there is no truth in him and those who listen to him and not to Me are deceived and in darkness. I Speak but many do not Listen to Me, that is why they do not Hear from Me, The One whom it is all about. If you diligently seek Me and wait patiently on Me, you will Hear from Me. I have no Favoritism and I do not Discriminate. I Love and I Care for all. It is not My Will that anyone perish but that all repent to have Eternal Life. Listen to and Hear from Me and you will Live.

Many choose to listen and to hear from strangers, those I warned them to run away from. You choose for yourselves who you want to listen to and hear from. I Speak, those who have ears to hear will Hear from Me and not be disappointed.

Many do not want to Hear from Me, that is why they do not Listen to Me, they are in darkness and on the wrong way to destruction. The way that seems right to them, its end leads to death. Listen to and Hear from Me, then you will not be in darkness. I will be your Light. Be children of Light and not of darkness or you only deceive yourselves.

I Am The Light of the world. Those who walk with Me, every step of the Way, will not be in darkness. You must walk with Me every day and not just some days, when you want to. It is a daily walk. Be willing and submit yourselves totally to Me and My Authority. Deny yourselves, pick up your cross every day and Follow Me, My Way as I Guide and Lead you, to be in My Perfect Will. You must first Hear from Me, My Will, My Plan and Purpose. I Give Assignments and Instructions and no one else. I must be your Head. You must be part of My Body, My true Church. It is not man made buildings. I Live in the hearts of My beloved children. You are a Temple of My Holy Spirit. You must be Led by My Spirit, every step of the Way to be in My Perfect Will. My Holy Spirit Guides those who Listen and Hear into all truth and no one else. Yield to Me, My Spirit. Total Obedience to Me is a requirement and not an option.

“Then Jesus Said, Whoever has ears to hear, let them Hear.” Mark 4:9

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  1. Jonathan Krause

    I do hear promptings from the holy spirit, but not everyday and I have asked the lord many times and wanted to hear from him and I am trying my best to live a repentant lifestyle and be in his word and try to build a relationship to him, but sometimes I do not hear anything, does that mean I am in Darkness? Sorry I still think I am a relatively new christian, thank you brothers and sisters and greetings from Canada

    • Lee

      If you are truly seeking God, repenting, praying and reading your bible. You’re not in the darkness. Perhaps the Lord is teaching you patience. Teaching you how to walk with Him. He is building a relationship with you. It’s a good thing, although it doesn’t always feel that way, sometimes our feelings lie. Continue doing what you’ve been doing, and ask the Lord for wisdom and discernment.

    • Blaze

      I get this as well, spiritual highs and lows are becoming more extreme. Usually it comes from something within us holding back our trust for the Lord, usually in the form of a belief or something allowed into the heart.
      God could also be testing to see if you still trust Him no matter how you feel. Having childlike faith, and following nothing but the holy spirit’s leading and the Bible daily makes it much easier to hear from God. I’ve learned that even the smallest distractions or deterrents are beginning hinder us and our reliance on God in these last days. We must die to self daily and separate ourselves from practices that don’t require this reliance to have an awesome walk with God. There will be much favor from Him on these less traveled paths. He wants to teach us radical trust and surrender in this season, along with blind faith, which will be much needed soon.

      • Lee

        Reading and studying your bible is “hearing” from God.
        God knows all. He doesn’t test us to see if we still trust him. When he “test” us, it’s for our benefit.
        Like how iron is tested, making the iron stronger. He does this through tribulations. And as far as “blind faith”, Jesus came to heal the blind. Our faith is not blind. Jesus is our faith and He was proven when he was resurrected and ascended to the Father. Trust in the fact that, The faith of Jesus, His righteousness, His obedience, etc.. saved us and reconciled us to the Father. He and his finished works… Is our great faith…and it’s not blind.

  2. Lee

    The confusion is caused by all the so called “prophets” that claim to speak for God. As if their words are God speaking through them. All say contradicting things. Just because We don’t listen to the so called “prophets” doesn’t mean we don’t listen to God.

    It’s one thing to have a dream or vision, that you believe is from the Lord, that edifies or clarifies what’s already written. The reader can ask the Lord for the interpretation. It’s another thing to claim to be the mouth of God (Jesus) such as the post above. I just don’t believe the writer is God or the mouth of God Jesus…this doesn’t mean I don’t believe God’s true words, that were written well before I was born… just means I don’t believe any one other than Christ is his mouth. Test all words with the written word (Bible).

    • Lee

      And to demand obedience to your words that you claim is actually God speaking… isn’t “kosher” in my book. Especially when those word contradict the scripture.

    • Jonathan Krause

      Thank you so much for Clearing that up for me Lee, God Bless !

  3. Michael Milchling

    You guys are awesome! God loves ya! Blessings!

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