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They Could Not See, They Could Not Hear

November 6, 2023 9:34 PM

They could not see, they could not hear, even when I walked the Earth. Their pride and lack of humbleness steered them down the wrong path, while following and mocking me. Saul was one of the greatest examples of pridefulness. He thought he knew it all and was willing to persecute those who did not adhere to his doctrine. After his name change to Paul, he saw, and he heard. He became humble, but not meek. He fought for what was right and not man’s rules and traditions. He fought for me and my Kingdom. Can you see, can you hear what is transpiring all around you? Are you blinded by the enemy’s toys of distraction and time wasters? Do you seek me out, do you know what is truly important.
If not, you need to change from Saul to Paul, you need to be that new person in Christ. One that follows my rules and commandments, not mans.

I ask for repentance, I ask for your sins to be part of your past, I ask for your praise and worship, I ask for you to read my word. I ask, I lead, I inform, I provide you prophets, I tell you time is short, I do what I can to wake you up. But what I see is few who change directions. I see the same actions taken by the same people. Most are oblivious to all warnings and pleas. Your sins have become part of you. There is no more time for change, that will wake you up. No more suggestions, for they fall on deaf ears. You will soon wake to your new reality.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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