They are easy prey for the Antichrist – Vicky K

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They are easy prey for the Antichrist

September 15, 2021 5:53 PM
Vicky K

I am an Orthodox Christian interested in the works of God all over His Church. I do not usually (or extremely rarely do I) have prophetic dreams. Also, I am interested in Jews and Israel and the peace in the Middle East.

I saw a known rabbi, talking to me about a new project in Israel and finishing his words like this’ ‘with the blessings of the Antichrist” making the sign of victory with his fingers.

I was shocked to realize what he just said because, in real life, I liked him and I was rather sympathetic to his opinions. Then I found myself in the same car with him, I was sitting behind him, and I thought: ‘It is urgent that I pray to Jesus to warn this man, he is in a trap’. At the same time, I had an infused knowledge that the rabbi knows things which he does not reveal to the public (he controls carefully the information he passes through) and that ‘they already have prepared him(:the A/C)

Please pray for the Jews and the so called Zionist Christians; they are easy prey for the Antichrist, despite their good motifs. Please bring this to the Holy Spirit, to shed light to your hearts and minds.In Jesus Most Holy Name.Amen


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