They Are Commissioned By Me – Patti Young

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They Are Commissioned By Me

July 5, 2024
Patti Young

The Lord spoke to me tonight.

The Lord said, ‘When I give a commission to be fulfilled, it shall be deemed as done. Who I appoint, and who I give my order to, just as I have commanded, so shall it be.

Jonah did not like nor want to be called. He did not want to go to Ninevah where I told him to go. Jonah tried to run away.

Where could he hide from my presence or my will to be done in the earth? I have chosen but few in these last days. They are commissioned by me, assigned before the foundations were laid, and known before they were conceived in their mothers wombs. I had set my hand upon them, known them, for they have a high calling, and there is a great work for them to do in the earth.

These are all from the loins of Abraham, this is their inheritance, for did I not tell him he would be the father of many nations?

These, the unknowns with no names nor titles, shall behold my glory, I in them, and they in me as one. Few I will set my glory upon, as my presence was in the Ark of the Covenant, so shall these I have chosen carry my presence in the earth, my habitation.

Weary and tired, disassembled from the old man to the new, has and is a hard process, a work only the Master Potter can do with his clay.

Who do I have but these, their mouths no longer their own, but mine, for these I shall send forth all over the earth to be oracles of my Truth.
From the beginning I have saved and set aside these for the last days, just as I saved the best wine for the last.

Arise my beautiful ones, my Daughters of Zion, my bride. Annoint yourself with your costly oil for soon my appearing shall arrive.


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